Archivia.Online App for mobile devices

Available in Google Play Store (Android) and App Store (Apple). Free for Safe Invoice B2B customers

Our Safe Invoice B2B Electronic Invoicing and Legal Digital Archiving services include a mobile app, called Archivia.Online, which allows you to access your account also from a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet.
Archivia.OnLine: icona store The App Archivia.Online can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store (for Android devices) and App Store (for Apple device).


The Archivia.Online app includes some features of the Safe Invoice B2B services, in particular:

  • creation (Customer and Article lists available) and sending of simplified invoices;;
  • consultation of active invoices (sent);
  • consultation of the outcomes of active invoices;
  • consultation of passive invoices (received);
  • consultation of the outcomes of passive invoices;
  • consultation of receipts.

First access to the app

Once you have downloaded and installed the Archivia.Online app from your device's reference store (Google Play Store for Android, App Store for Apple), you need to perform a few simple steps to connect your account and enable your device to use the features available on the app.

Below are the operations to follow, only on first access, to register the device; for these operations, you will also need to access the web application

  1. Download and install the Archivia.Online app;
  2. log in with your credentials to the web application, then select the option App mobile abilita dispositivi in the left-hand menu; a page containing a QR Code will be displayed; Archivia.OnLine: abilita dispositivo
  3. launch the app and tap the Request Access (Richiedi Accesso) button; Archivia.OnLine: richiedi accesso
  4. The app will show a screen from which you can read and scan the QR Code above;
  5. Once the QR Code has been captured, the account is connected; now update the web application page, which will then show a table (Dispositivi censiti) containing a new row for the device that has just captured the QR Code. The device is therefore recognised but disabled; Archivia.OnLine: lista dispositivi censiti
  6. To enable the device click on the button located on the right of the device status (in this case DISABILITATO), in the last column of the table; Archivia.OnLine: lista dispositivi censiti (2)
  7. The web application page will update automatically, showing the new status of the device, which will be ABILITATO.

From now on, you will be able to use the Archivia.Online app from the newly enabled device.

However, it is possible at any time to enable other devices with the same procedure, but also disable them by clicking on the button next to the device to be disabled.

Accessing App Features

Once the device is enabled, you can access all the features of the app:

  • tap on the Sign In button and use the unlock code of your device (e.g. PIN, fingerprint etc: it depends on the settings used on your device); Archivia.OnLine: Codice d'accesso
  • The app will show summarised data on the resources used compared to those available, as well as news about the portal; Archivia.OnLine: Risorse
  • From each section of the app you can access the Menu (top left), where you will find the entries: Companies, Invoices, Preferences, About.., Disconnect Account and Close. Archivia.OnLine: Menu
  • INVOICES entry: it shows the list of active and passive invoices and their outcome; to view a single invoice, tap on the invoice you want to see (you can zoom in on the open document). You can also view the outcomes of sent invoices. Archivia.OnLine: Lista Fatture Archivia.OnLine: Vedi Fattura
  • PREFERENCES entry: it shows two buttons that allow you to set the notification (or not) for the delivery of messages from the Interchange System (SDI – Sistema di Interscambio) and of passive invoices. Archivia.OnLine: Preferenze
  • CLOSE and DISCONNECT ACCOUNT entries: both allow you to close the application, but with the important difference that DISCONNECT ACCOUNT, at the next connection, involves repeating the procedure of the first access (i.e. scanning the qrcode again, the access code, etc.). So, in general, for daily use with the same user, simply exit the app by selecting CLOSE

For details on functionality, see the practical guide for the Archivia.Online app.