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NextStorage: the new synchronization and file sharing services analyzed on the open-source Nextcloud platform. Ease of use, safety and economy.

NextStorage services are synchronization and file sharing services based on the Nextcloudplatform, an open source system designed to be easy to use and highly secure.

The Nextcloud platform implements file sharing in self-hosted, mode, in other words it provides a security solution that gives data owners complete control over data location and access policies with a hybrid or private cloud solution. As a result, NextStorage services enable GDPR compliance, while also providing encryption and user management.

Accessibility and Use

Accessibility to the platform and data is guaranteed by the availability of client software for both mobile devices (Android, iOS) and desktop(Linux, Windows e Mac OS X). These clients allow users to synchronize and share files securely through https connections.

schermata iniziale

Schermata iniziale

calendario nextstorage

Calendario NextStorage

nextcloud: cartelle da smartphone
nextcloud: cartelle da smartphone

Nextcloud: cartelle da smartphone

Clients for mobile devices have automatic upload of photos and videos captured by users and can synchronize selected files and folders. Clients can manage multiple accounts, show all current activity on the server and notify you of events such as the availability of new shares. In addition, tools such as the shared calendar and address book are included.

You can manage privileges, access history and changes.

On the youtube channel of Hosting Solutions the following video-guides on the use of the desktop client are available.

Software client

On the Nextcloud website desktop clienst are available for all common operating systems: here, Windows and macOS users can find the necessary installation files, while Linux users (openSUSE, Archlinux, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian) can find them already present in the package management of their distribution.
Free apps for Android and iOS are available for access from mobile devices as well as a paid app for Windows Phone. Clients allow you to synchronise one or more local folders with the server. Thanks to the file manager and file sharing, all saved documents can be easily controlled and shared with other server users or via public links.

Configuration domain

The service will be configured on a third level of the domain, for example:

However, it is also possible to configure the service on the third level of any other domain, for example with anadditional cost of € 35.00 + VAT/year for the Rapid SSL certificate needed to guarantee the encrypted connection, besides the cost of domain registration if it does not already exist.