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100% Italian Hosting: maximum performance and support for your website!

-40% on all plans
(no Smart plan) for the first year. Until 31/08/24

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-40% on all plans
(no Smart plan) for the first year. Until 31/08/24

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-40% on all plans
for the first year. Until 31/08/24

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Features common to all our Web Hosting services:

  • DNS management
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate
  • HTTP/2 support
  • Assistance and professional technical support also by phone
  • 99,99% Network Uptime
  • High quality Hardware
  • Full hardware and network redundancy
  • Fully managed servers for maximum security and performance
  • Monitoring of all services
  • Configuration flexibility – Easy upgrade
  • Security – Firewall, intrusion detection systems, anti-DDoS system

Our hosting services are constantly protected from threats and attacks by double firewalls, IDS (Intrusion Detection System), Antivirus and anti-DDoS system.

Create your own websites

The Hosting Linux and Hosting Windows services include a free, simple and effective site builder to create responsive websites, in Lite, Standard and Plus versions.

Multi-domain Dedicated Hosting

All-inclusive service in a totally dedicated and customizable environment, fully managed by Hosting Solutions.
By purchasing a multi-domain hosting plan you can:

  • Create and customize hosting plans (e.g. GB web space, no. of FTP users, database, number and size of email accounts);
  • Provide hosting plans under your own brand;
  • Choose which features to provide to your customers (e.g. DNS management, FTP access, database creation).

Security services

Hosting Solutions provides hosting plans with a comprehensive set of services for the security of websites and email accounts.

HTTP/2 support

All new hosting plans, both Linux and Windows, have support for the new version of the HTTP protocol, HTTP/2. This support is automatically available if the hosting plan uses a valid SSL certificate.

Snapshot Web - Backup

An important function is available in the control panel, for all activated hosting plans (new activations): Snapshot Web. Like a backup, this new feature allows you to restore or copy individual files (or folders) from a previous version (snapshot) of your website and it is particularly useful for recovering corrupted or lost files, or versions of files that do not have a backup.

Php language version

All hosting services have multi-php, which is the possibility of choosing the php language version between 7.x and 8.x. You can make this choice yourself directly from the control panel.

Web Hosting performance, compatibility and convenience

Hosting plans are dedicated to a single account (each plan includes the activation of a single website), ensuring maximum performance by strictly limiting the number of websites hosted per server. By activating one of these Web Hosting plans, you can benefit from performance usually reserved only for dedicated servers, while incurring only the low costs typical of shared hosting. The hosting plans are compatible with a wide range of programs, CMS and applications easy to install, or already installed during configuration. Also, the option of splitting the plans into several domains offers real opportunities to do business with us.

In addition to the services listed in the price list, Hosting Solutions can also provide customized configurations. For futher information or for a quote please contact our sale offices +39 055 30312626 or write an email to


  • (*) The service fee includes the registration or transfer of a domain with one of the extensions listed in the Complete extensions list, identified by the green tick () in the “Included in hosting” column. For domains with different extensions, registration and management must be purchased separetely.
  • Features marked 'Optional' can be purchased separetely when ordering or after the activation of the service.
  • If payment is made by credit card or PayPal, the purchased service will be activated within 24 hours on weekdays. If the payment is made by bank transfer or postal order, it will be necessary to send us a copy of the payment receipt by fax to the number 055 30312210 or by email to, indicating the name of the domain connected to the service purchased.
  • After the subscription, you will receive an automatic order confirmation email containing all the necessary documentation to complete the activation of the service. Once the service has been activated, you will receive a confirmation email containing your login credentials for the administration of the service .