Become RAO

Become RAO (Registration Authority Officer)

Issue SPIDs and digital signatures to your customers in complete autonomy

More and more online services require certified user identification through services such as SPID (Digital Identity) and digital signatures. In order to obtain them, it is necessary to contact authorised operators, known as RAO (Registration Authority Officer).

To become RAO and be able to identify those requesting a digital certification service, it is necessary to be accredited by a CA (Certification Authority) through a LRA (Local Registration Authority).

Genesys Informatica Srl is accredited as LRA by Namirial Spa, Certification Authority.
Namirial is a Trust Service Provider accredited by AgID and qualified to issue digital identity services such as electronic signature, Smart Card and SPID.

To become RAO, it is necessary to create an LRA affiliated to Genesys Informatica LRA; the affiliated LRA will then be able to identify its RAOs, one or more of them, according to the procedure indicated by Namirial CA.

How to become a RAO and why it is an opportunity

The RAO accreditation process is an important qualification and offers the possibility of selling services that are increasingly in demand on the market. Resellers operate completely independently from their control panel to resell digital identity services, directly from their premises.

In fact, RAO authorised resellers can:

  • identify their customers directly at their premises or at the customer's premises ('de visu' identification);
  • issue electronic signature devices and Smart Cards;
  • issue SPIDs (Sistema Pubblico di Identit√† Digitale - Public Digital Identity System)

RAO accredited resellers are trained directly by Namirial, through specific online courses: they will then gain access to the control panel, which they will use to issue digital certification services in complete autonomy (electronic signature, Smart Card and SPID).

Below are the steps to become RAO:

  • Obtain a Namirial ID. You can obtain a Namirial ID by purchasing the SPID service, Personal SPID. This is essential to access the specific online training provided by Namirial.
  • Follow the online training. Aspiring RAOs will have to attend two training courses on Namirial's e-learning portal "(Dashboard) FORMAZIONE RAO FIRMA V 1.0" and "(Dashboard) FORMAZIONE RAO SPID V 2.0".
  • Individually sign all documents required for the registration of the affiliated LRA and its RAOs and provide a valid identity document.

Once qualified, the RAO will have to order the services from Hosting Solutions, which will send the physical devices and load the SPIDs directly on the RAO's control panel.