SMS Services

SMS sending packages

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Immediate or deferred dispatch with single or multiple recipient

NOTE For information on solutions larger than 10000 texts, please write to

PLEASE NOTE If you have already used the Hosting Solutions SMS service and you want to activate a new plan within the same account, you must indicate the user that you have already used for the SMS service in the “notes” field (when ordering from the control panel).

Service features

All plans provide different modes of sending, in immediate or deferred mode, to single or multiple recipients.

For each message sent you can use all 160 characters for the text and also specify a personalised sender that will appear instead of the sender number. This sender can be 16 numeric characters or 11 alphanumeric characters and will be displayed with all operators, even in case of number portability.

The sending of SMS can be immediate or deferred, in the latter case you can specify the date and time of sending.

Messages can be sent all over the world: by choosing the destination country, all available prefixes will be proposed. Before the actual sending of the messages, a summary of the sending data will be presented with the estimate of the delivery cost.

The sending functions are as follow:

  • Single send
  • Sending to one or more groups
  • Immediate or deferred sending
  • Sender personalisation, for authorised operators
  • Estimate delivery cost
  • Delivery receipt included
  • Use of placeholders (to dynamically enter first and last names of contacts in directory)
  • Landing Page creation that can be reached through a link found in the sms
  • Report with with statistics on messages sent

Also, the system allows you to (and export) lists of contacts from (and into) different types of files.

SMS sending modes


You can send SMS from web interface choosing between immediate and scheduled mode with the possibility to personalise the sender. More information on the Send from web page.

Webmail SMS

You can send SMS from Hosting Solutions' webmail in the SMS section (menu item at the top). More information on the Send from webmail page.

Email to SMS (SMTP)

Email2SMS allows you to send an SMS directly from you email client; more information on the Email to SMS page.


Hosting Solutions provides developers with API programming interfaces to integrate the SMS gateway into sites and applications. More information on the Sending using API page.


You can send SMS via FTP by uploading files with specific features. More information on the Sending via FTP protocol page.