Smart Storage

Smart Storage

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Smart Storage: the safe and Italian storage for online backup accessible via FTP, FTPS, Rsync, S3 and others

Smart Storage services include an online storage space on Enterprise level SAN (Storage Area Network), specifically designed to save static content, typically large files or periodic backups of which you want to keep a history.

In particular, the Smart Storage service saves files in one of Hosting Solutions' two Data Centers (Florence or Rome) while the Smart Storage Plus service saves files in both Data Centers (Florence and Rome).

The service includes various storage spaces, from 50 GB up to 1 TB, which can be dynamically expanded thanks to special additional services.


Multi-protocol accessibility from Hosting Solutions' public and private network, for any support (pc, tablet, smartphone - guides available in the section Guides - OnLine Storages).
In particular, accessibility from the public network is guaranteed using the protocols:

  • FTP, WebFTP, FTPS, using applications such as FileZilla (Linux, Windows, Mac OS X), AndFTP (Android), FTPManager (iOS), etc
  • Rsync, using the rsync command from Linux O.S., while from the Windows the DeltaCopy application
  • S3, using applications such as Dragon Disk (for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X), S3Anyware (Android), or making your own applications thanks to appropriate programming interfaces: see API S3 for php and Java guides

From Hosting Solutions' private network (e.g. from a dedicated server or from a VPS server at Hosting Solutions), accessibility is guaranteed using the well-known protocols:

  • NFS
  • SMB

Hosting Solutions' storage services are flexible: you can use the storage as a single user or divide the purchased package among several users, to whom you can assign permissions in different ways (read only, write only, read and write).

Hosting Solutions' storage services are also suitable for resale and can be activated vi API.