Certified Email Services

General terms and conditions for the purchase of the PEC (Posta Elettronica Certificata) service

Genesys Informatica srl distributes the Certified Electronic Mail services of Namirial S.p.A., an authority accredited by the CNIPA (National Centre for Information Technology in Public Administration) and included in the public list of Certified Electronic Mail Providers available on the AgID (Agency for Digital Italy) website.

Namirial S.p.A. is fully responsible for the Certified Electronic Mail service.

The Customer undertakes to read in advance the operating manual that can be downloaded from the Hosting Solutions website and published on the Namirial S.p.A. portal and to comply with its requirements. The customer undertakes to keep the access codes to the service with the utmost confidentiality and diligence and it is also forbidden to give them to third parties for any reason.

  • Any log requests must be sent by the holder of the account to the contacts indicated for this purpose in the operating manual.
  • The duration of the service is one year, starting from the date of activation.
  • The service must not be used for the purpose of depositing, sending, publishing, transmitting and/or sharing computer applications or documents that conflict with  or violate intellectual property rights, trade secrets, trademarks, patents or other property rights of third parties.
  • The Certified Electronic Mail service has been created by Namirial S.p.A. in compliance with the provisions of D.P.R. no. 68/2005 and the Decree of 2.11.2005, as well as the provisions of D.P.R. no. 82/2005. The Customer therefore acknowledges that the use of certified electronic mail is regulated by the provisions mentioned above.
  • The service may be subject to changes or updates to comply with regulatory developments in the field of certified electronic mail as a result of further legislation on the subject that will be issued in implementation of the DPR itself.
  • In order to function correctly, the certified email service requires that the hardware and software used for the service comply with what is indicated in the operating manual and in the documentation available with the service and that a correct configuration of the system has been carried out. The Customer, therefore, assumes all responsibility for any mismatch between the connectivity and the technical characteristics indicated and for any malfunctions or failure to use the service.
  • The Customer undertakes not to use (and ensure that all users of the service do not use) the service to send, publish, transmit and/or share computer applications or documents that:
    • conflict with or violate intellectual property rights, trade secrets, trademarks, patents or other property rights of third parties;
    • have defamatory, libellous or threatening content;
    • contain pornographic or obscene material, contain viruses or other contaminating or destructive features;
    • damage, violate or attempt to violate the secrecy of correspondence and the right to privacy;
    • in any case contravene applicable legal and/or regulatory provisions.

How to use the service

Once the service has been purchased, you will be able to use your PEC account after completing the following steps:

  • send the documents requested during the purchase (contract, Chamber of Commerce certificate, identity document) to the email address documentipechostingsolutions.it;
  • click on the link received by email (sender: autohostingsolutions.it);
  • on the landing page of the link mentioned above, click on Richiedi il codice via SMS (Request code via SMS);
  • enter the code received by SMS and click on the Autenticati (Login) button on the page;
  • click to sign where indicated (Clicca per firmare-Click to sign): there may be several clicks, do them all;
  • once all signatures are in place, click on the Completa (Complete) button;
  • check the account indicated for communications (while subscribing to the service): you will receive an email containing a copy of the signed documents from noreplyesignanywhere.net;
  • check the account indicated for communications (while subscribing to the service): an email containing access credentials, webmail link and mail client configuration settings will be delivered from two separate senders, posta-certificatasicurezzapostale.it and attivazionipecnamirial.com;

PEC subscription for companies in the start-up stage

Subscribed PEC accounts for companies in the start-up stage will be activated with a VAT number equal to 00000000000.

Within 30 days of activation of the service, the owner of the account must provide the ordinary Chamber of Commerce company registration certificate.
If this is not done, the pec account will be suspended (and the suspension notified) until the Chamber of Commerce registration certificate is received.