Domains Section

Domain transfer

Procedure for transferring a domain to Hosting Solutions

The domain transfer does not take place automatically when a service linked to that domain is purchased, but must be specifically requested after the service has been purchased and activated.

For obvious security reasons, only the legitimate owner of the domain is authorized to make changes to the domain data.

Depending on the extension of the domain (.it, .com, .eu, etc.), the methods of transfer may vary, as described below.

Time required

  • For .it domains, 24 hours from the beginning of the procedure
  • For .com, net, eu, org, info, biz o tv domains, from 48 hours to 10 days from the request made through the form found in the control panel. The transfer may not be successful for reasons independent from Hosting Solutions, in which case the domain will remain with the current registrar, as a separate service from the hosting service

Limitation of Liability

The procedures concerning the transfer of a domain are the responsibility of the domain owner. Verification of the outcome and possible corrective actions required to make changes to the domain registration (e.g. an incorrect VAT number prevents the transfer of a domain), are the sole responsibility of the owner.

How to transfer .it domains

When you activate a service linked to a .it domain,you will be sent an email (to the address provided during registration) containing the procedure for transferring the domain.

To start the procedure, it is necessary to reply to this email and include in the reply the authorisation code AuthInfo, which can be obtained by contacting the current Registrar of the domain to be transferred.

In any case, it is always possible to start the transfer by opening a ticket, providing the domain to be transferred and its AuthInfo code.

If you wish to change the data of the registrant at the same time as the transfer, you can simply enter the details of the new owner of the domain in the online subscription form. Even in this case, to proceed with the transfer of the domain (along with the change of owner), you will need to communicate to Hosting Solutions the AuthInfo code, provided by the current Registrar.

How to transfer .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .tv domains and new TLDs

Transferring a domain with the extensions .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .tv, new TLDs (e.g. .bike, .srl, .estate, etc.) and, in general, with an extension under the regulation of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), means a change of registrar.

Below is the procedure for making such a transfer to Hosting Solutions.

  • When you activate a service linked to the domain, you will be sent an email with the login credentials to access the control panel.
  • Log in to the control panel with the credentials received and click on Ticket in the menu on the left.
  • Open a ticket and request to initiate the transfer, indicating the domain and its authcode.
  • An email (example screenshot) will be sent within 48 hours of the transfer request to the domain owner's email account (specified in the Admin-C field, visible when performing a Whois). The email is in English and contains a verification link that leads to a web page to confirm the transfer. Example screenshot of the confirmation page
    If no e-mail is delivered to the Admin-C account within 48 hours of the request, you can ask for a verification to the technical support of Hosting Solutions, which can be contacted through the control panel or by writing to
  • The procedure is now complete: however, you must be notified of the confirmation to the email address you have chosen for service communications.

WARNING 1 Status of the domain to be transferred
The domain to be transferred must be in “active” status. Please check that the domain has not expired, is not blocked by the registrar (REGISTRAR-LOCK), that the registration payment is not pending (REGISTRAR-HOLD) and that the administrative contact (Admin-C) can be reached by email and can approve the transfer if it does not correspond to the transfer applicant.

WARNING 2 Timeframe
It may take from 2 to 10 days to complete the registrar change procedure, unless there are complications. The transfer may fail for reasons beyond Hosting Solutions' control, in which case the domain will remain with the current registrar as a separate service from the hosting service.

WARNING 3 Transfer of new domains
New domains cannot be transferred during the first 60 days after registration.

ATTENTION The administrative contact of the domain may not contain the details of the owner but those of other subjects (providers, web agencies, etc.) who were configured during the registration of the domain. As it is not possible to transfer or modify a domain without being the administrative contact, in this case it will be necessary to contact the interested party and change the registrant's details with the current provider, replacing the administrative contact details of the domain with the correct ones. After the details have been updated, it will be possible to transfer the domain as described above.

Alternatively, it is possible to contact the current provider (or web agency, etc.) or, in general, the administrative contact of the domain, to ensure that there is a prompt and affirmative response to the two validation messages involved in the procedure. In this case, it will be appropriate to change the details of the administrative contact to those of the owner at the same time as the transfer.

Useful information


Registrar: company accredited to register domains

Registrant: Person or company, domain owner

Admin-C: Administrative contact, usually the domain owner

Tech-C: Technical contact

Billing-C: Paying contact

NIC-Handler: Identification code

Whois: Procedure for querying the registrar database to find out the registration details of a domain.

How to transfer .eu domains

The transfer of .eu domains requires:

  • opening a ticket to our technical support,
  • the AuthCode (authorisation code) to provide in the ticket.

Once the procedure has been started, the transfer will be automatic and practically immediate.

ATTENTION The transfer of expired .eu domains is subject to a domain reactivation fee of € 70 + VAT.