How to add third level subdomains

Adding a third-level subdomain from the ServerMate control panel

Suppose you want to add the administration subdomain to the domain

In the control panel, where the hosting service associated with the domain in question is (in the example,, click on the Open button and then on the 3rd level Subdomains icon. You will see the following form entitled Set Subdomain:

Enter here:

  • 3rd level name: the name of the third level domain, in the example
  • Redirect address: specify the destination address of the pages to be displayed at the 3rd level subdomain you are creating (in the example,
  • Use URL Masking: tick if you want to “mask” the address of the destination pages with the one chosen for the third level; in the example, if ticked, the URL of the pages in the administration folder will no longer appear in the URL, but in unchecked, the effect will be that of a simple redirect, that is a “jump” from URL to url of the type