Primary Storage

Primary Storage

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Primary Storage: secure, Italian storage used as file system and accessible via NFS, SMB and iSCSI

Primary Storage services provide NetApp enterprise-class SAN (Storage Area Network) storage space with SSD cache or full SSD, suitable for virtual machines file systems or as shared storage within a private cloud infrastructure, dedicated servers and clusters.

The advantages of using Primary Storage services are many:

  • Security: SAN with dual controller, disks configured in RAID and with Spare parity, Snapshot on running VM.
  • Performance: Primary Storage is suitable for websites/applications with high number of reads/writes per second and is connected to Hosting Solutions' internal network with a 20 Gigabit connection per node.
    In the full SDD case, the configuration guarantees storage access times even under 0.1 ms.
  • Expandability: Primary Storage volumes, unlike the server's physical HDDs, can be expanded while the server is running.
  • Accessibility: multi-protocol accessibility exclusively from Hosting Solutions' private network (e.g. dedicated servers, clusters or private cloud infrastructure) via NFS,SMB and iSCSI protocols.

The service includes various storage sizes, from 50 GB up to 1 TB, which can be dynamically expanded through additional services.