Domains Section

Domain + Redirect

Do you already have an online presence? Register a domain and redirect it to an existing website!


The service includes the registration/transfer of a domain and its redirection to any URL, also to other providers, then towards a different web destination.
The fee of the service is variable as it depends on the fee of the service of domain registration (variable with extension) to which the canon of the Redirect additional service is added (€ + /).

Service features

Domain registration or transfer

  • DNS with geographical redundancy (4 DNS servers located in 3 geographical locations: Florence, Rome, Germany)
  • Control panel for full and independent management of all DNS records
  • Private Whois (optional)
  • Courtesy page "Under Construction" (here an example)

Redirect service

  • URL masking / URL forwarding with Redirect 301, editable from the control panel

Things to know before buying a domain

Before purchasing a domain, it is necessary to be aware that:

  • a domain cannot be purchased for fractions of a year : the minimum period is one year and it can also be purchased for several consecutive years.
  • a domain can be of Premium type (domains with high commercial value):  its price will be an ad-hoc price (by decision of the competent registry) and will differ significantly from the price normally applied to the extension. For details on the procedure for purchasing this type of domain, please refer to our service regulations: Purchase Premium Domains - Prices and registration.
  • in general, the domain registration service is activated only when the activation email has been received or if the activation notice is visible in the control panel. Cases in which the domain registration requires additional documentation are excluded, as indicated on the page of our website regarding the extension of the domain ordered. This documentation will be requested after receiving the activation email: in this case, the domain registration will only be completed after the Registry has received and approved the additional documentation requested.