Reseller Program

Reseller Program

Join the Hosting Solutions Resellers Program and discover all the advantages!

Services Reseller Reseller Program Membership Advantages
Only Domains Domains Reseller NO  no fee
 Discounts on number of domains. Check the page Full extensions price list
All Hosting Solutions services HS Services Reseller Yes, Join  Resellers' price list whith discounts for quantity and type of service
 ServerMate Master Reseller control panel
 ServerMate User Reseller Control Panel for the end customer, customizable with your logo
Trust Services Become RAO Yes, Contact Us
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 Identify your customers independently;
 Issue electronic signature devices and Smart Cards;
 Release SPID (Public Digital Identity System)
Customized Services Reseller Customized Services Yes, Contact Us  Resellers' price list whith discounts for quantity and type of service
 ServerMate Master Reseller Control Panel with specific features for the creation, sizing and delivery of customized services
 ServerMate User Reseller Control Panel for the end customer, customizable with your logo
  Dedicated, customised and full-managed Hardware platform

To join the Hosting Solutions Reseller Program (Private Label) you need to subscribe to a license (Euro 99,00 + VAT annual fee) and accept the terms and conditions that regulate the service. Joining the program allows you to benefit from an extremely convenient discount plan.

To become a Reseller of Hosting Solutions, no special requirements are necessary, simply subscribe to our license. In this way the Reseller can benefit from the services and tools of Hosting Solutions, from a reserved price list and have access to services designed for resale or specifically for web agencies..

Reseller of Domains

To resell domains you do not need to join the Reseller Program, so there is no fee and the reseller benefits from discounts on the number of domains purchased. For all details and price ranges, please refer to the page Full Extension price list.

Reseller of Hosting Solutions Services

PTo resell its services, Hosting Solutions provides the Reseller with all the necessary tools to facilitate and make the Reseller immediately operational. In detail:

  • ServerMate Master Control panel for the Reseller: a single control panel for both administrative (orders, renewals, invoices) and technical functions.
  • ServerMate User control panel for the end customer: control panel that can be customised with the Reseller's logo, through which the end customer can manage exclusively the functions of the services.
  • • Exclusive Reseller price list whith discounted prices for quantity and type of service

Becoming RAO

An important opportunity for the reseller is to become RAO (Registration Authority Officer): his function enables the reseller to certified identification of those who request digital certification services such as SPID and digital signature, thus opening up the possibility of selling increasingly requested services from the market.
The reseller operates in total autonomy from his control panel in reselling digital identity services, directly from his own office.

Reseller of Customised Services

If you are a Web Agency and you want to offer your customers a professional, complete service at a competitive price, Hosting Solutions has designed for your business a specific platform highly customizable, prepared for the creation, sizing and delivery of services created independently.
In addition, the Reseller of Customised Services also benefits from all the advantages of our Resellers Program (see table above).

The platform

Hosting Solutions has developed a specific service platform for web agencies, which allows them to provide services to their customers in a totally dedicated enviroment (fully managed) by Hosting Solutions' technical team. The platform includes: one or more Web Servers (Linux or Windows), Mail Server, Storage for backup and the ServerMate control panel which you can use to:

  • create and size your own hosting plans (e.g. GB web space, nr FTP users, database, number and size of mailboxes),
  • provide hosting plans with your own brand,
  • choose which features to make available to your customers (e.g. DNS management, FTP access, database creation)

Find all the details on the ServerMate control panel for Web Agencies on this supplementary page.

The use of the platform offers the following advantages:

  • ease of use: simple and complete web interface for creating, managing and delivering your hosting plans
  • single control panel for both administrative functions (orders and renewals) and technical functions(creation, sizing, management and delivery of hosting plans)
  • dedicated infrastructure: all services provided by the Reseller are located on exclusively dedicated servers (no Shared Hosting)
  • fully managed: : besides being dedicated, the infrastructure is fully managed by Hosting Solutions’ technical team for hardware and the system aspects. This way the Reseller can dedicate himself exclusively to the creation and management of his hosting plans and websites.
  • low-cost: the cost for single end customer, for an all-inclusive service (domain, web hosting, database, email, backup), is extremely convenient as it can clearly be seen from the estimates shown in the following paragraph.

Cost estimates
To make a realistic estimate of costs, we recommend that you visit this page on our website Dedicated Multi-Domain Hosting..

Some important features of the Resellers Program

  • Through the ServerMate control panel (Master access), Resellers will be able to customise the control panel for end customers with their own logo. Moreover, they can easily manage both the administrative functions (orders, renewals, invoices) and the technical functions of all purchased hosting plans (read/write rights, FTP access configuration, ODBC configuration and FrontPage extensions, etc.).
  • The Reseller's end customers will have access to the service purchased through their credentials, username and password.
  • The Reseller's end customers will be able to access their control panel, starting from the Reseller's website.
  • The Reseller’s end customers will have access to the control panel (User access) starting from the Reseller’s website and will purchase the services in a totally transparent way, without ever explicitly mentioning the presence of Hosting Solutions.