SMTP Services

SMTP Services

Open or dedicated SMTP services

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Features of SMTP services

  • Dedicated SMTP: it allows you to send emails and data from any account associated with the domain for which the service has been purchased, within the limits of the package chosen
  • Open SMTP: it allows you to send emails from any account associated with any domain, within the limits of the package
  • The maximum size of an attachment is 50 MB
  • Sending to multiple recipients
  • Access via standard unencrypted port 25, port 465 with SSL and port 587 with TLS
  • Control panel for viewing statistics (daily counter of the number of emails/data sent)
  • To configure the SMTP server on your email client, see Guides to accessing email accounts

NOTE: How to calculate sending volumes

  • sending 1 email with n recipients counts n emails
  • sending of 1 email of m bytes with n recipients counts (m x n) bytes

Client Configuration

To configure authenticated access from your email client (e.g. MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express) please refer to our guides in the section Email > > Access to email accounts.


  • You can upgrade from a smaller package to a larger one using Easy Upgrade from our control panel, by paying the difference between the 2 packages until the expiry.
  • Messages can be sent from any email account of your domain.
  • The SMTP package for unlimited messages allows you to add the option Relay for additional domains, which enables you to send messages from email accounts that belong to other domains.