Processing of personal data

Regulation of services

Information pursuant to article 13 of European Regulation 679/16 (or GDPR)


Genesys Informatica Srl is actively engaged in safeguarding the personal data of its clients and anyone else who entrusts such data to us for processing. We recommend that our clients read this policy carefully before subscribing to any of our services.

Data controller

Genesys Informatica S.r.l.

P. VAT 02002750483 Tel 055 30312626 E-mail:
in the person of its legal representative, who is also responsible for the processing.

To exercise your rights, listed below, you must send a written request addressed to
Genesys Informatica S.r.l., tel 055 30312626. e-mail:,
C/A of the person in charge of data processing.

DPO (Data Protection Officer)

Pursuant to Article 37 of the GDPR, Genesys Informatica Srl has appointed a DPO - Data Protection Officer who can be contacted at the following address:

Purpose of the processing

The legal basis for the processing is the business relationship created by the sale of web services, with regard to Article 6 paragraphs b and c of the GDPR.

The data will be processed for:

  • carry out the activation and maintenance of the subscribed service;
  • perform the obligations provided for by laws or regulations;
  • protect the rights of Genesys Informatica Srl in court;
  • send informative material of a technical, administrative or commercial nature;
  • monitor physical access to the data-center by means of video-surveillance and access logs;
  • invitations to corporate events.

In relation to the above-mentioned purposes, no particularly sensitive data (e.g. health data) relating to the data subject (expressly referred to as "special" data in the GDPR) will be processed.

Methods of the processing

The data will be processed mainly by electronic and IT tools and stored both on IT media and on any other suitable media, in compliance with the security measures included in our internal regulations and ISO 27001 certification and may involve all the operations of Article 4(2) of the GDPR.

Compulsory nature

The data required for the activation and provision of the purchased service are compulsory or for the partecipation in corporate events. All other data such as, for example, email address for receiving informative or commercial material are not compulsory.

Consequences of refusal to provide data

If you fail to provide one or more of the mandatory data, you will not be able to use the requested service.

Subjects to whom personal data may be communicated.

Personal data relating to the processing in question may be communicated to subjects who are granted the right to access personal data by law or secondary and/or community regulations. Furthermore, personal data may be communicated necessarily and solely for the purpose of providing the service purchased, to the following subjects, as suppliers of Genesys Informatica Srl for the services specified:

  • NIC - .it domain registry, for the provision of the registration/transfer service of .it domains;
  • EURID - .eu domain registry, for the provision of the registration/transfer service .eu domains;
  • OpenSRS and ENOM - for the provision of the registration/transfer service of gTLD domains, SSL certificates, goMobi;
  • EPAG - for the provision of the registration/transfer of ccTLd domains and trust service;
  • ItNet - for the provision of certified mail services;
  • Namirial - for the provision of certified mail services;
  • Acronis - for the provision of Acronis Backup services;
  • Microsoft - for the provision of Office365, Exchange OnLine and Microsoft Licensing services;
  • I-Contact - for the provision of SMS messaging services;
  • Judicial authorities - following a formal request by court order.

In the case of a request for registration of domain names, the data of the domain owner will be transmitted to the relevant Authorities. In case of request for certified electronic mail (PEC) boxes, the data of the owner of the boxes will be communicated to the supplier of the PEC service, IT Net Srl.

Geographical scope of processing

Personal data will always be processed within the European Community, with the exception of data required for the registration of gTLD domains, ccTLDs, SSL certificates and the goMobi service, which by their nature are services that are also managed outside the European Community (mainly USA and Canada).


Personal data processed exclusively for administrative/accounting purposes shall be retained for a period not exceeding that stipulated by current tax legislation for document retention (10 years). Even a request for cancellation cannot override this type of retention.

Personal data processed for newsletter/marketing purposes are stored until you request deletion.

The personal data required for the provision of the service are retained until you request deletion.

All personal data are stored in backup copies for up to thirty days.


In compliance with the guidelines of the GDPR and freedom of choice, your data will not be subjected to a purely automated decision-making process, including profiling, that produces legal effects concerning you or is likely to affect you in a significantly similar way.

Rights of the interested party

In relation to the processing of your personal data, pursuant to art. 14 and following of the GDPR, you can protect your rights against Genesys Informatica Srl; in particular, you have the right to know, at any time, what data is held by the individual data controllers, that is to say by Genesys Informatica Srl or by the subjects indicated above to whom we must communicate it, and how it is used; you also has the right to have them updated, supplemented, corrected or deleted, to request their blocking and to object to their processing. To exercise your rights, as well as for more detailed information on the subjects or categories of subjects to whom the data is communicated or who become aware of it in their capacity as managers or appointees, you can contact the data controller or its manager, identified at the beginning of the information.

Other data

Genesys Informatica Srl offers web space rental services. Genesys Informatica Srl clients may deposit data including text, images, databases and other proprietary documents in the web space provided by the purchased service. Genesys Informatica Srl will not process data that the client enters in its web space, which is an area publicly available via the Internet. Even with the necessary security measures in place, data on the Internet is by its nature public data. The regulations of our service prohibit the use of the web space to deposit and process sensitive data online, to deposit data that violate privacy or copyright rights.

Tracking Technologies

Genesys Informatica Srl uses IP address tracking technologies and cookies to track visits to its site.

Collected data

1. IP addresses

The IP addresses of all visitors accessing our site are collected. The data collected is used to manage the technical and administrative operations of our company, diagnose any technical problems and prevent intrusion and abuse of the service.

2. Generalities Cookies

Genesys Informatica Srl uses "cookie" technology to improve the use of the services offered by associating a cookie to the visitor connected to the site. Cookies are also used to determine the traffic values of the site and to allow the correct completion of the ordering of services, to calculate discounts and manage promotions that may be applicable to the connected visitor.

Visitors to the site will be able to disable the cookie tracking feature in their browser, but in some cases this may result in the site not working properly. Below are some links showing how to change the cookie policies for the most commonly used browsers:

  • Google Chrome:
  • Mozilla Firefox:
  • Internet Explorer:
  • Safari:
  • Opera:

2a. Technical cookies

Technical cookies are defined as cookies that serve to carry out navigation or provide a service requested by the user. The technical cookies used by Genesys Informatica Srl can be classified as follows:

  • Session cookies in order to allow you to access and use your reserved area (ServerMate control panel);
  • Session cookies for the correct use of the website;
  • Technical cookies for personalising user choices;
  • Analytical technical cookies to find out how users use our site and improve their browsing experience.

Technical cookies are divided into session cookies (used only until the browser is closed) and persistent cookies (stored in the memory of the user's device until they are deleted).

2b. Third-party cookies

We use third-party analytical (statistical) cookies, specifically on Google Analytics, to estimate traffic (aggregate data on the amount of users, sessions and pages visited, etc.) on our site. In particular, these cookies implement the anomisation of the IP, so the profiling of visitor users is never carried out.

These cookies are used to detect, in an anonymous form, data necessary for statistical purposes (not profiling), to monitor performance and to improve the usability of the site.
User consent is not necessary for these cookies.

We invite users to read the privacy policy and the information on how to manage or disable cookies published on the Google, AdRoll and Facebook web pages.

3. WHOIS data

In the event that the interested party requests the registration of a domain name, he must indicate the data of the domain owner. These data will be transmitted electronically to the relevant authorities responsible for registering domain names. These data will be publicly visible through the WHOIS service provided by the registration authorities.

4. Using the camera via App

The ServerMate (for the ticket system) and ArchiviaOnline (for the electronic invoicing service) apps both use the camera when activating the mobile device: the images taken by the camera are used by the app exclusively for the purpose of decoding the qrcode for enabling the device to use the app itself; therefore, in no way is the image data transferred outside the device used and, consequently, in no way is this data stored by Genesys Informatica Srl.


To lodge a complaint about the processing of your personal data, you can contact the Italian Data Protection Authority using the following link


For any information or clarification on the topics covered, please write to privacyhostingsolutions.itt