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Hosting Solutions API Interfaces (HSAPI)

Resell Hosting Solutions services directly from your website

For some years now, Hosting Solutions has been developing its own Application Programming Interface (API) called HSAPI (Hosting Solutions API), for the integration of Hosting Solutions' control panel features with the reseller's website or control panel towards its customers. In this way, end customers will purchase the services directly and transparently through the website or the control panel provided by the reseller.

Thanks to HSAPI interfaces, the reseller can build his own automatisms to handle service orders. The typical scenario is the reseller who, from his own website, collects orders from his customers and converts them - using HSAPI - into orders to the Hosting Solutions control panel.

HSAPI interfaces use a communication system based on XML messages on HTTPS protocol.

The security of the system is structured and based on several technologies: communication takes place on an encrypted HTTPS protocol, each communication requires authentication credentials, the session is strictly controlled by a random sequence of identifiers, each reseller is bound to use a set of IPs that must communicate.

The system requires the reseller to purchase a PrePay credit, which will be used to deduct the amounts for the orders placed. The credit can be checked both through the specific feature of the control panel and through HSAPI messages. Credit can be topped up at any time from the control panel. In the event that an order cannot be placed (e.g. registration of a domain that fails due to invalid data), the credit that is initially deducted will be automatically restored.

Communication through HSAPI

Communication takes place through an exchange of XML message , over HTTPS protocol. The communication session is maintained through the variable APISESSION in the HTTP header of requests and responses.

Each command sent must contain a valid APISESSION value. The only command that does not need a currently valid session is the Login command.

Following a command, the server always sends a response in which it indicates a new APISESSION value to be specified in the next request.

In order to enable communication via API, resellers must inform us of the IP addresses from which they intend to use the HSAPI interfaces; therefore, only requests from these IPs will be considered valid. After activation, resellers will receive documentation containing all information regarding the use of the API.