Technological infrastructure

Our data centers, connectivity and bandwidth, power grid and security

Hosting Solutions' technological infrastructure consists of a complex set of interconnected systems that allows all services to be provided in security; the main components of the infrastructure are:

  • data centers
  • connectivity
  • electrical network
  • security systems
Hosting Solutions data centers network

Hosting Solutions' data centers are 4, all in Italy,

  • DC 1 FI company-owned data center, in Florence, opened in 2015;
  • DC 2 FI TIER IV company-owned data center, in Florence, opened in 2022;
  • CO RM colocation, in Rome, in the ITNet data center, characterised by a very high level of business continuity, redundancy of critical systems, guaranteed uptime and connected to the main national and international carriers;
  • CO PV colocation, in Siziano (PV), in the Stack Emea data center (formerly SUPERNAP Italia), one of the most innovative data centers in Europe.

Multiple data centers ensure reliability and security, allowing systems and data to be geographically redundant.

Hosting Solutions connectivity to the Internet is provided by multiple providers; in addition, the two data centers in Florence are connected with the colocation in Rome through a private and dedicated link (peer-to-peer). Florence data centers are also connected with a dedicated link to the MIX in Milan to ensure a privileged interconnection with all connectivity providers.

With regard to Hosting Solutions' electrical network, the power supply for our equipment is guaranteed by redundant uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and generators.

With regard to security systems that guarantee service continuity and the integrity of the physical structure and data, these concern the entire technological infrastructure and range from access control, anti-seismic systems, fire prevention systems to anti-DDoS systems.