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March 2024 - Control Panel updates

Two new features on our Control Panel: Dashboard, an alternative environment to the Home in which Master users (MasterCP) can view a set of information on their services such as the latest accesses, open tickets, news, the latest newsletter and more; Access Log, a list of all accesses to the control panel defined by date/time of access, user type (Master/User), IP address.

March 2024 - Ticket System updates

Our Ticket System has a new feature that allows Master users (MasterCP) to enable UserCP and GroupCP users to open technical tickets. To do this, connect to the panel, access the "PDC Preferences" page and set your choice in the "Technical Tickets" section.

March 2024 - Acronis Backup services updates

We have added Acronis licenses for Google Workspace suite to our price list, an extra tool that will allow you to save backup copies of your Gmail accounts and files in Google Drive too.

March 2024 - New CPUs for VPSs

Upgrade of our VPS services infrastructure: replacement of CPUs with the latest generation of processors for all our virtual servers, both new and existing ones.

February 2024 - DKIM record and new features for Shared Email services

We have introduced two important new features for email services:

  • the DKIM record, which until now could only be set for the 'Unlimited messages SMTP' and for 'Dedicated Mail Servers', will also be available free of charge (on request) for all other email services, including for the free SMTP;
  • the maximum size of Shared Email accounts has been increased from 15 GB to 20 GB. To icrease an email account to 20 GB, it is necessary to have the available space and to open a ticket from the control panel to request this change.

February 2024 - NextStorage services: fee reduction

We have significantly reduced the monthly fee forNextStorage services, our Nextcloud-based file synchronisation and sharing platform. This reduction has been made on all available list prices and is active for both new subscriptions and renewals.

January 2024 - Nuovo Pannello di Controllo

There will be a new look for our Control Panel and Ticket System: a more modern and user-friendly web design, with a responsive look that optimises use on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

January 2024 - New Certifications

Procedures were started to obtain two new certifications: ISO 22301 for business continuity and ISO 2000-1 for the IT service management system. The achievement of these standards is aimed at strengthening the quality of the services offered, guaranteeing the security of information and the stability of the IT infrastructure. The two new certifications will be achieved by 2024.

October 2023 - SAN SSL Certificates

The new Geotrust SAN SSL Certificates have been added to the price list: they allow several separate domains to be protected with a single certificate, even on websites and servers external to the Hosting Solutions infrastructure. This certificate, from the protection of a single domain or subdomain, gives the possibility of adding up to 250 additional domains by purchasing an additional SAN Certificate for each of these.

August 2023 - 1Gbps connectivity for VPSs

Public connectivity of all our virtual servers has been increased from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps.

June 2023 - New domains

Hosting Solutions is the first Italian provider to add domains to its offer, an extension just launched on the world market which opens up many business opportunities. The domains will be on offer until 31/12/2023.

June 2023 - Electronic Invoicing

Our Electronic Invoicing services now include a new tool, the Scheduler, to simplify the management of all payment deadlines. The Scheduler is an add-on module and will be available free of charge if activated by 31/12/2023, for all Safe Invoice B2B e-Invoicing packages (single company and multi-company).

March 2023 - New TLDs available

We have added a large group of new extensions to those already available in our Extensions Price List. New additions include, for instance, the extensions .forum,, .ai and .contact. Overall, Hosting Solutions' offer currently includes almost 800 ccTLDs, ngTLDs and gTLDs.

January 2023 - New Dell R450 Physical Servers

We have added the new DELL PowerEdge R450 Enterprise grade to our list of dedicated servers. This is one of the latest products released by DELL and stands out for its high level of performance and computational resources, ideal for creating a high-quality scalable infrastructure. All dedicated servers in the list can be customised with our web configurator.