How to change the details of a domain registrant: procedure from the control panel.

For domains registered by Hosting Solutions

Before proceeding to change the registrant details of a domain, it is important to read la the relevant rules carefully, in order to avoid the risk of failure of the change procedure.

From the ServerMate control panel it is possible to change the domain registrant details.

To make these changes, simply go to the control panel, click on the domain of interest and then click on the Ordina servizi aggiuntivi button.

Order additional services

n the list of additional services, click on the Ordina button for the Cambio del Registrante di un dominio già registrato. The cost of the service depends on the Registrar of the extension concerned: the service is free of charge for most extensions (e.g. .com, .net and new tld), while it is charged for extensions such as .it, .eu.

change of registrant

Then simply fill in the form with the required details.

domain registrant data

Depending on the extension of the domain on which the detail change is made, these changes may be followed by a request for confirmation by email. For more information on the confirmation request and regulation, please see the page: How to change the details of a domain registrant: regulation