Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Physical Servers

Fully configurable dedicated servers hosted in our TIER IV Data Centre

Dedicated Server

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CPU : Intel Xeon E-2224 3.3 GHz
HDD: 2x1TB SATA or 2x240GB SSD
IP Addresses: 2
Controller: RAID PERC H330 HW RAID

Dedicated Server

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CPU : Intel Xeon Silver 4110
HDD: 2x1TB SATA or 2x240GB SSD
IP Addresses: 4
Controller: RAID PERC H330 HW RAID

Dedicated Server

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CPU : Intel Xeon Silver 4114
HDD: 2x1TB SATA or 2x240GB SSD
IP Addresses: 4
Controller: RAID PERC H330 HW RAID

Main features of our dedicated servers

  • Fully configurable online
  • Complete Reliability: Quality hardware and 100% guaranteed
  • Servers hosted in our Italian Data Centres. In addition, all new servers will be hosted in our TIER IV Data Center in Florence
  • NVMe disks optional
  • Indirizzi IP: 2 (DELL R240) or 4 (DELL R440 e DELL R640)
  • Connectivity: 100 Mbps redundant (server preconfigured in active/backup mode)
  • Firewall included with customizable policies
  • Standard Backup included, 25 GB on external SAN
  • Console for remote desktop of the server
  • Mail alert: monitoring system for specific services such as HTTP, FTP, POP and others, with email alert in case of dedicated server crashes
  • Domain and mail included:
    • Primary and secondary DNS service
    • Mail server for your domain boxes on separate bandwidth from your dedicated server
    • Control panel for the management of the boxes
    • Control panel and webmail

Customized configurations

In addition to the solutions in the price list, Hosting Solutions is also able to provide customized configurations. For further information or for a quote, you can contact our sales offices at 055 30312626 or write an email to

Assistance and monitoring: we don't leave your server alone.

The assistance and monitoring of the machines is continuous : the services are monitored by our technical staff and the customer can obtain assistance at any time of the day, 365 days a year . Not only that: every server comes with the possibility of remote connection to restore / restart services a starting from the start of the operating system. All this thanks to the presence of the Dell iDRAC card , capable of providing complete access to the machine even in the event of a hardware fault and capable of reporting hardware problems directly.

Data Center in Italy

Our dedicated servers are hosted in our latest generation Data Centers, located in Italy.
All the details on our Data Centers are available at the following link: Our Data Center.

Hardware warranty

Hosting Solutions guarantees the operation of all hardware components supplied on loan of use and is committed to replacing fault components without additional costs.

Cloud management with Hosting Solutions

For a specific offer for the world of management software, see also the section of our website Cloud Management, where you can consult all the solutions (cloud, VPS, dedicated server) that Hosting Solutions has specifically created to bring your management software in a secure and scalable environment, of which you retain total control at a very low cost .