Remote digital signature - Video-recognition

How to make the video-recognition necessary for the remote digital signature

To activate the remote digital signature service it is necessary to carry out a video identification procedure, directly with the certification authority, through which the operator (RAO) identifies the applicant if all the requirements are met, the signature device will be issued.

Video-identification requirements

Below are the requirements necessary for a successful video recognition:

  • Have a device connected to the Internet, complete with video camera and microphone;
  • have a mobile phone that answers the number provided during registration;
  • have the identity document and health card submitted during registration. These documents must be valid;
  • be the only person appearing in the video;
  • connect from a quiet, peaceful place with a neutral background.

After subscribing to the service, the Customer will receive an email containing a link to carry out the video identification procedure

If the video identification is successful, the customer receives an email directly from the certification authority (e.g. in the following image) to inform him of the creation of the remote signature device.

email di conferma della creazione del dispositivo di firma

Then, the certification authority will send an email (image below) with instructions on how to activate the signature device. This email will contain as attachment a pdf document showing the device pin.

istruzioni per il dispositivo di firma