On-line Storage

S3 API Usage Guidelines

Hosting Solutions' Storage OnLine solutions guarantee secure, reliable and high-performance access to data stored with all the protocols listed on this page. In general, to use a specific protocol with a Storage OnLine service, you need to:

- go to the ServerMate control panel and find the preferred Storage OnLine service (section Hosting & Dedicati)

- click on the Apri (Open) button next to the service, to display the following

- click on the Gestione Storage (Storage Management) button

- Activate the preferred protocol by selecting the relevant sub-tab, in this case S3:

The information required to use the protocol, provided by the control panel, is:

  • Access key ID (user name)
  • Secret access key (password)
  • S3 access point: Public S3 access, e.g. http://123456789.cloudhost.it

All Hosting Solutions’ Storage OnLine services provide access via S3 (Simple Storage Service) REST API, programming interfaces created by Amazon that have become a standard for accessing remotely stored data.

Below is a list of possible uses and implementations of S3 API depending on the development environment: