On-line Storage

Online Backup and Storage Services

Backup and Storage services for online backup and virtual machine filesystems

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For archive and file sharing
Automatic synchronisation (mobile and desktop devices)
Data Center: Florence and Rome
Accessibility: complete Nextcloud platform

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Backup from web interface
Storage: SAN
Data Center: single
Accessibility: Acronis software

(*) + cost of licenses

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Use: backup
Storage: SAN
Data Center: single or redundant
Accessibility: FTP, FTPS, Web FTP, Rsync, S3,NFS and SMB

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Use: file system
Storage: SAN cache SSD or SAN full SSD
Data Center: single, Florence or Rome
Accessibility: NFS, SMB and iSCSI

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Hosting Solutions Storage and Backup

The ideal place to store your data and backups

Our storage and backup services are delivered by NetApp enterprise-class SAN.

Each storage system is managed by two controller nodes connected to the hardware devices containing the storage disks. This particular configuration allows any of the controller nodes to automatically take over the services of the partner node in case of failure or maintenance. The disks dedicated to storage are configured in RAID_DP with double parity and double spare disks, available to replace any faulty disk.

All Primary Storage services are subject to continuous snapshots according to the following policies:

  • hourly: last 6 hours
  • daily: last 2 days
  • Weekly: last 2 Sundays

Data availability

The access is guaranteed by several border systems that allow data to be available at all times. The border systems are available both in Florence and Rome and guarantee both data availability and traffic balancing, optimising like this the performance.

Bandwidth: no limits

The bandwidth to and from the border systems is not limitated and runs through Enterprise-class network systems (routers and switches) that guarantee dynamic absorption of traffic peaks and accessibility to the service at all times and for all connected users.

Made in Italy: data always in Italy

All online backup and storage services are provided from our Italian data centers, which guarantees that all data will always remain in Italy, in compliance with the new privacy regulation, GDPR.

Features and accessibility


NextStorage services are file synchronisation and sharing services based on the Nextcloud platform, an open source system designed to be easy to use and highly secure.

The Nextcloud platform performs self-hosted file sharing, in other words it provides a security solution that gives data owners complete control over the location and access policies of their data, with a hybrid or private cloud solution. As a result, NextStorage services enable GDPR compliance, while also providing encryption and user management.

Accessibility to the platform and data is guaranteed by the availability of client software for both mobile devices (Android, iOS) and desktop. These clients allow users to synchronize and share files securely through https connections. Clients for mobile devices have automatic upload of photos and videos captured by users and can synchronize selected files and folders. Clients can manage multiple accounts, show all current activity on the server and notify you of events such as the availability of new shares.

Acronis Backup

The professional Acronis Backup service can be accessed through Acronis software, which offers a web control panel (planning and customization of backup tasks) and agents to be installed on the devices to be backed up.

Smart Storage

Smart Storage services are divided into Smart Storage (data center: single, on Florence or Rome) and Smart Storage Plus (data center: redundant on Florence and Rome).

They are characterised by multi-protocol accessibility from Hosting Solutions'public and private network,for any support (pc, tablet, smartphone - see the guides section).
In particular, from public network using the protocols:

  • FTP, WebFTP, FTPS, using applications such as FileZilla (Linux, Windows, Mac OS X), AndFTP (Android), FTPManager (iOS), etc
  • Rsync, using the rsync command from Linux O.S., and from Windows the DeltaCopy application
  • S3, using applications such as (for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X), S3Anyware (Android), or by creating your own applications using the appropriate programming interfaces: see S3 API for php and Java guides

From Hosting Solutions' private network (e.g. from a dedicated server or a VPS server at Hosting Solutions), using the well-known protocols:

  • NFS
  • SMB

Primary Storage

Primary Storage services are divided into Primary Storage (storage: SAN cache SSD) and Primary Storage SSD (storage: SAN full SSD).

They are characterised by multi-protocol accessibility exclusively from Hosting Solutions' private network (e.g. dedicated servers, VPS or private cloud computing infrastructures) using the well-known protocols:

  • NFS
  • SMB
  • iSCSI

PLEASE NOTE In addition to the services listed, Hosting Solutions can also provide customized configurations. For further information or for a quote, please contact our sales offices at 055 30312626 or write an email to infohostingsolutions.it