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Third level geographic domains

Rules for third-level geographic domains with .it extension

Third-level geographic domains are domain names that are hierarchically dependent on the second-level geographic domain names of the .it extension (examples of second-level geographic domains:,,, etc.).

Second-level geographic domain names cannot be registered as they are institutional, whereas it is possible to register third-level domains (e.g.,,, etc) and also to subscribe to services connected to these domains, such as a hosting plan.

Third-level geographic domains are divided into two categories:

  • Provincial domains, such as or, e.g. or
  • Regional domains, such as, e.g.

Rules for choosing the name

ATTENTION Some regional/provincial extensions may be aliases of other domain names and therefore cannot be registered.

EXAMPLE the domain is an alias of

In conclusion, a third-level geographic domain may be available, but not assigned by the authority because it is already an alias of another domain name.

Valid examples

NON Valid examples
'do' is not the abbreviation for a province
Scandicci is the name of a municipality, therefore reserved for municipal administrations, in the form "" 

For a correct choice of name, also consult the authority website ( which contains the rules for geographic/reserved domains.

To purchase a third-level geographic domain, simply order it from the appropriate page of the service (domain only, domain + redirect, hosting plans, etc.) or place the order from your control panel.