Multidomain Hosting

Dedicated Multidomain Hosting

Everything is included: the simplicity of hosting, dedicated resources and full-managed support!


Up to 30 sites*

+ /

+ /

CPU 4 Core
50 GB Storage
50 GB** Email
Unlimited SMTP
50 GB Backup
Anti DDoS protection
Full-Managed support
Control panel


Up to 100 sites*

+ /

+ /

CPU 6 Core
100 GB Storage
75 GB** Email
Unlimited SMTP
100 GB Backup
Anti DDoS protection
Full-Managed support
Control panel


Up to 300 sites*

+ /

+ /

CPU 8 Core
200 GB Storage
100 GB** Email
Unlimited SMTP
250 GB Backup
Anti DDoS protection
Full-Managed support
Control panel


More than 300 sites*

+ /

+ /

CPU 16 Core
250 GB Storage
200 GB** Email
Unlimited SMTP
350 GB Backup
Anti DDoS protection
Full-Managed support
Control panel

* recommended
** on dedicated server

By purchasing the service you will automatically donate 1 Euro to Sea Shepherd's SISO Operation for the protection of Italian waters. Read more

Common features

Dedicated multi-domain hosting plans are all-inclusive services in a totally dedicated and customisable environment, fully managed by Hosting Solutions' technical staff.
By purchasing a multidomain hosting plan you can:

  • create and customise hosting plans (e.g. GB web space, no. of FTP users, database, number and size of mailboxes);
  • provide hosting plans with your own brand;
  • choose which feature to make available to your customers (e.g. DNS management, FTP access, database creation).

The number of hosted sites is a recommended value based on our experience in providing multi-domain hosting services and is not an effective constraint.

Other features:

  • Dedicated IP: 2 (Lite, Advance, Pro) or 4 (Super);
  • Space for e-mail on dedicated server;
  • AntiVirus and AntiSpam
  • Connectivity 100 Mbps
  • Traffic Unlimited
  • Firewall included with customisable policies
  • Anti DDoS protection
  • S.O.: Linux Ubuntu Server LTS or Windows Server 2016/2019
  • ServerMate SP control panel
  • Skype course to learn how the service creation panel works


Our multi-domain hosting plans are characterised by the following advantages:

  • Ease of use: simple and complete web interface for the creation, management and delivery of your hosting plans;
  • Single control panel for both administrative (orders and renewals) and technical functions (creation, sizing, management and delivery of hosting plans);
  • Dedicated infrastructure: all services provided by the reseller are on dedicated servers (no shared Hosting);
  • full-managed: in addition to being dedicated, the infrastructure is fully managed by the technical staff of Hosting Solutions (hardware and server administration);
  • low-cost: the cost of a single site (or end customer) for an all-inclusive service (domain, web hosting, database, email, backup) is extremely convenient and obviously decreases as the number of sites increases.