Activate the Let's Encrypt SSL certificate

How to do it from the ServerMate control panel

Hosting Solutions includes a free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate in all the latest hosting plans, awhich can be activated in just a few minutes from the control panel.

The video tutorial for this guide is also available on our YouTube channel.
Control panel: Activate a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate on a hosting plan

Here are the steps to activate the certificate.

  • click on thArea Utenti button on the Hosting Solutions homepage
  • Enter your access credentials (User and Password) and confirm by clicking on Accedi. If you have forgotten or lost your credentials, you can recover them by clicking on Utente o Password MasterCP dimenticati.
  • After a few moments you will see the main screen of the ServerMate control panel and the Hosting & Dedicati section in the middle of the page. From the list of active services, locate the hosting plan on which you wish to activate the SSL certificate and click on the Apri button next to it:
  • Click on the Certificato SSL icon:
  • Click on the Attiva Certificato Let's Encrypt button and wait a few seconds:
  • When the traffic light representing the status of the certificate turns green, the SSL certificate activation procedure is complete and the certificate is therefore active on the website.
  • Once the certificate has been activated, it is possible to force a redirection from http to https using the .htaccess file. For details, see the following guide: Redirecting from HTTP to HTTPS via .htaccess


In some cases, certificate activation may fail or it may not be possible to install a Let's Encrypt certificate. In particular:

  • In order to activate the Let's Encrypt certificate, the website must be directly accessible without redirects. If activation fails, check the content of the .htaccess file, if present.
  • It is not possible to install the Let's Encrypt certificate if the hosting resides on old generation servers; in these cases it is essential , which must be requested by opening a ticket.