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Acronis Backup

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Save and protect the data of all your PCs, virtual machines, physical servers and services

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WARNING: Regardless of their hardware, physical devices based on Linux operating system are considered servers, therefore for these systems it is necessary to have an acronis backup license for servers.

Service features

Acronis Backup service allows you to schedule and perform backups of physical and virtual servers, workstations (PCs, laptops, tablets) and MS Office 365 services via an intuitive web interface. You can schedule backup operations by choosing between different modes (operating system only, data only, full image of the device/server) and different intervals (hourly, daily, weekly backups, etc.), checking their status in real time through customized notifications.

Below are the main features of the service:

  • Storage in Italy: storage devices dedicated to Acronis Backup are hosted at our data centres in Florence or Rome (in compliance with the new privacy regulation, GDPR)
  • Web control panel: single interface to manage backups of all devices or, in the case of resellers, of all customers.
  • Backup scheduling: scheduled backups can be customised by scheduling the time and frequency of backups
  • Customizing backups: you can choose to back up the operating system only, data only, or the full image of the device/server.
  • Recovery/Restor: you can explore the backup from the web interface with the possibility to restore/download up to the single file.
  • Disaster/Recovery: the service is particularly suitable for disaster/recovery strategies; by scheduling a full backup of a server, it will be possible to recover it to another physical or virtual machine.
  • Storage optimisation: Acronis performs incremental backups, saving space and optimising available resources
  • Full coverage: backup of any device/server with any operating system (Linux, Windows, Mac OS).
  • External Devices/Servers: the service can also be used to backup external devices/servers to Hosting Solutions (e.g. home, office, data centers).
  • Suitable for resale: the web interface allows you to be identified as a partner, to customise the panel with your own brand and to provide a user access to the panel to your customers. In addition, the reseller will have access to backups of all their customers' devices.

How it works

After purchasing the service (amount of storage capacity and licenses), you will be able to access the Acronis web interface, from which you can download the software (Acronis agent) to install on the device/server you wish to back up. Once the software is installed, the device will be visible in the Acronis control panel schedule its backup procedures.

For resellers

The service is suitable for resale, in particular:

  • System Integrator: for those who manage dedicated infrastructures (physical, cloud, virtual) and need a complete, specific and customisable backup system or disaster recovery strategy on another data centre.
  • Assistance: for those who provide assistance in offices or companies and need cloud backup while keeping their data secure, always accessible and in Italy.
  • Resellers: for resellers/distributors of web and security services, dedicated discounts and rates benefits.