Elctronic Invoicing Services

from 19.50 + VAT/year


VPS Servers

from 15.00 + VAT/month


Cloud Services

from 16.92 + VAT/month


Acronis Backup

from 5.00 + VAT/month


Hosting CMS

from 65.00 + VAT/year


Safe Emails

from 15.50 + VAT/year

Trust Services

Find out how to become RAO (Registration Authority Officer) and issue SPID and digital signatures to your customers.


Dedicated Physical Servers
Your server in Italy

Dedicated servers fully configurable online, hosted in our 4 Italian Data Centers

Dedicated Physical Servers

Website Security
A complete suite of protection tools

Choose the right protection for your sites with CDN, WAF, Hack Scanning, Malware Detection and Removal, Emergency Response for Websites (Cleaning and Recovery).

Sicurezza Siti Web

Multi-domain Hosting
Dedicated and all inclusive services

All inclusive: The simplicity of hosting, dedicated resources and fully managed support!

Multidomain Hosting

Professional Email
SMTP included in all email services

Email accounts, mail servers and SMTP, certified email, antivirus, antispam and much more.

Professional Email Services
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Cybersecurity in Italy: more attacks in 2022

[16/07/2022] Let's look at the results of an Exprivia report on cyber attacks in Italy in the first months of 2022 ... Read more 

paguro hosting solutions

SPID and PNRR: Agid's next goals

[15/07/2022] SPID continues to grow and AGID sets goals for the future by continuing to invest. Let's see what the main areas of intervention and future innovations will be ... Read more 

paguro hosting solutions

Data breach in China: one billion data stolen

[09/07/2022] Cases of data loss continue to increase in intensity and size. This time we discuss what happened to the police archive of one of the world's leading states ... Read more 

paguro hosting solutions

Domain market: analysis of Q1 2022

[02/07/2022] The domain market between January and March 2022 as presented in the latest Verisign report: top10 TLDs, top10 ngTLDs, top10 ccTLDs and various trends ... Read more 

paguro hosting solutions

Analytics: Privacy Guarantor stops Google

[25/06/2022] The Privacy Guarantor has issued a notice concerning Google Analytics that is bound to cause discussion. Let us see the content of the announcement and the procedures to be followed ... Read more 

paguro hosting solutions

Free VPN: beware of security

[19/06/2022] Users of the free VPN solution available for download on smartphones called Bean VPN suffered a data breach that led to the loss of a large amount of data. Let's see what happened ... Read more