Trust Services

Trust Services

SPID (and RAO), Digital Signature, Electronic Invoicing and Certified Email. All with Hosting Solutions.

Trust Services are electronic services provided by qualified certification authorities (TSP, Trust Services Provider) that concern the identification of a person and/or the authenticity of a document, as part of the security of an electronic transaction.

Some commonly used trust services are: digital identification (SPID) and digital signature, electronic invoicing and certified email. For these services, Hosting Solutions offers a wide range of products to meet the needs of individuals and companies.

In addition, with Hosting Solutions (a brand of Genesys Informatica srl), it is possible to be become RAO (Registration Authority Officer), an essential qualification for issuing certified identification services such as SPID and Digital Signature.

For information on certified email (PEC) consult the appropriate section of our website:
Certified electronic mail services on domain or on your certified domain