Trust Services

Trust Services

SPID (and RAO), Digital Signature, Electronic Invoicing and Certified E-Mail. All with Hosting Solutions.

Trust Services are electronic services provided by qualified certification authorities (TSP, Trust Services Provider) that concern the identification of a person and/or the authenticity of a document, as part of the security of an electronic transaction.

Some commonly used trust services are: digital identification (SPID) and digital signature, electronic invoicing and certified email. For these services, Hosting Solutions offers a wide range of products that meet the needs of individuals and companies.

In addition, with Hosting Solutions (a brand of Genesys Informatica srl), it is possible to be accredited as a RAO (Registration Authority Officer), an essential qualification for issuing certified identification services such as SPID and Digital Signature.

(*) for video-recognition

For information on certified e-mail (PEC) consult the appropriate section of our site:
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