Microsoft Azure Managed Cloud

Microsoft Azure Managed Cloud

Rely on our experience, we will manage Microsoft Azure for you.

Thanks to the consolidated experience with Microsoft products, Hosting Solutions offers the Managed Cloud service on Microsoft Azure that allows you to benefit from Azure's architecture and resources together with the competence and professionalism of our staff.

Azure platform features

We already know that cloud computing provides companies with significant computing resources without the material need for their own data centre and therefore without the associated management costs.
The Azureplatform, in particular, provides extensive resources for processing, archiving, analysis, network interconnection, distribution and management of applications and services; services are offered in (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service) modes.

An important Azure service is the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) delivered through the exclusive WVD - Windows Virtual Desktop, a complete desktop and application virtualization servicerunning in the cloud. It has simplified management, Windows 10 multisession, Microsoft 365 optimized for businesses and support for RDS (Remote Desktop Services) environments. With WVD you can deploy Windows desktops and applications in minutes and with complete security.

This service, in fact, strengthens the security level as it completely isolates the virtual desktop from the software used on the physical device (PC, tablet, etc) that accesses the Azure platform, preventing, for example, any malware present on users' physical devices from accessing company resources.

The advantages of the Managed Cloud of Hosting Solutions

Managing the Azure platform in the best possible way requires specific experience and expertise. PeFor this reason, Hosting Solutions provides the skills of its team of technicians and engineers to support the customer in every phase of the creation and implementation of the cloud infrastructure, from design to complete management of the service.

The Hosting Solutions team can take care of:

  • Operational design consultancy: understanding the technical needs and operational objectives of the client, to present and design the necessary infrastructure together;
  • deploy e testing: deploy the necessary Azure services, create and test the required infrastructure;
  • production: putting the required architecture into production;
  • managed assistance: proactive assistance and service status through alerts, telephone and ticket system.