Security Services

Security Services

A complete suite of services to increase the security of your websites and email accounts

In a global context in which the security of web content, data and email is threatened by new dangers, Hosting Solutions, in partnership with the best security companies in the world, offers a complete suite to significantly increase the security of websites and email accounts.

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Protection for websites on Linux O.S.

Additional security service per for websites in hosting, VPS and dedicated servers with Linux operating system, it protects automatically and in real time against malware, phishing, site defacement, data exfiltration, ransomware and web shells.

from € 24.00 + VAT/year

Sicurezza Server e PC - Antivirus e AI

Hosting Solutions offers a complete solution for server protection and workstation from all computer threats .
Our solution protects, detects and responds in real time, thanks to the artificial intelligence (AI) of the engine SentinelOne®, the new frontier of IT security.

Acronis Backup

The Acronis Backup professional service allows the planning and execution of backups of physical, virtual, workstation servers (PCs, portable, tablet) and MS Office 365 services through an intuitive web interface, with different modes and periodicity.

Antivirus Antispam. Powered by Libraesva ESG

Our antivirus/antispam solution is powered by Libresva ESG, certified by Virus Bulletin as one of the best email security services. All of our email services are fully integrated with our anti-spam antivirus system, ideal for those who want extra protection against annoying spam emails and risks of virus and ransomware infection such as CryptoLocker.

SSL Certificates

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a cryptographic protocol that deals with the secure transmission of information. The SSL protocol (now TLS, Transport Layer Security), thanks to the presence of the certificate that identifies with certainty the server, creates a secure connection between the server and a client (browser), encrypting sensitive data exchanged on web pages. Hosting Solutions offers a wide selection of SSL certificates, from the free Let’s Encrypt certificates included in all hosting plans, to DV, Wildcard and EV SSL certificates issued by the best Certifications Authority (CA)

Websites Security

Hosting Solutions offers a complete suite of website security and optimisation tools..
The platform includes CDN (Content Distribution Network) services to improve site performance, monitoring and protection against DDoS and hacking attacks, cleaning and resolution of compromised sites .


Products are born from the collaboration with    team and the experience of Hosting Solutions in the server field, nBox products are born, a set of solutions for studying, monitoring and analysing your network traffic. Unlike all other Hosting Solutions services that are provided by our data centers, nBox solutions are products that have their own hardware and software and are delivered to the customer ready and optimised to be placed in their network.