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Free SMTP server per email account

Configure the SMTP server included in all our email services

All Hosting Solutions' email services include a free SMTP server for sending emails. An SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server is essential for sending your email messages regardless of the Internet connectivity provider and the device used to send them (smartphone, tablet, PC, etc.); it therefore allows you to never change your email sending settings and to send your messages securely from the account authenticated for the service.

This SMTP server cannot be used for bulk mailings (e.g. newsletters, marketing campaigns, etc.).

Configuration and Features

  • Host name (SMTP server):
  • Authentication exclusively with SSL protocol, port 465
  • Credentials: the same as the incoming mail server (POP/IMAP)
  • Sender: must correspond to the account that has been authenticated
  • Maximum number of messages that can be sent per account: 100 per day for a maximum of 200 MB of data. An alert message is sent when 80% of the message quota (or bytes) is reached
  • Maximum size of a message (including attachments): 8 MB
  • Messages are not filtered by any antivirus or antispam software

If the free SMTP server is not sufficient to meet your email sending needs, you can purchase one of the optional dedicated SMTP services that guarantee higher sending thresholds, ideal for bulk mailings and greater flexibility of use.