Data Center Solutions

Data Center Solutions

How to create a dedicated IT infrastructure through our Data Center Solutions

Thanks to decades of experience in the IT sector, to the Enterprise level infrastructure and to a team of technicians and engineers with specific skills, we are able to offer Data Center and IT infrastructure services, supporting the customer design phase to the production of the business

The client who relies on Hosting Solutions for a Data Center Solution, can completely entrust our team with all the design and systems activities, thus avoiding the need for IT staff; they can also only partially entrust these activities, therefore minimizing and optimizing IT staff.

Hosting Solutions support

Some examples of the support that Hosting Solutions is able to offer:

Specialized Consulting

Our technical team can support clients both in the design and implementation phases, providing their skills and experience to create the necessary infrastructure for their business.

All-inclusive Private Cloud and Virtual Data Center

Hosting Solutions offers dedicated virtual infrastructures through i VPS and Cloud Computing services. These infrastructures represent the Public Cloud of Hosting Solutions, which you can use to activate virtual servers or cloud servers on an enterprise but shared infrastructure. If, on the other hand, you need virtual but totally dedicated infrastructures, we offer Private Cloud or Virtual Data Center services in which you are able to create your own virtual servers on demand from your private infrastructure.

Virtual Office

More and more often there is the need to have computational and storage resources available as a service. Hosting Solutions is able to help its clients in transforming their physical office into a virtual office, moving resources in its Italian Data Centers and eliminating all the problems related to the maintenance of their systems.

Ad hoc IT infrastructures

Hosting Solutions provides its team and its network of 4 Data Centers to define and create the IT infrastructure (physical or virtual) necessary for the implementation and production of the proposed project.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Both for infrastructures hosted in our Data Centres and for external infrastructures, Hosting Solutions is able to design, plan and implement Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans. Thanks to the availability of several Data Centers on the Italian territory, we can also implement geographically redundant solutions.