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Electronic Invoicing Services

Electronic Invoicing Services (also simplified) with Substitutive Storage and Digital Signature for companies, professionals, accountants, resellers, software houses.

Since January 2019 all economic operators (companies, professionals) must start issuing invoices electronically, not only towards the Public Administration but also between private parties (B2B electronic invoicing).

Given its experience in delivering web services, Hosting Solutions provides a complete set of services for the secure and automatic management of the electronic invoicing process, supplying Substitute Digital Conservation, Electronic Invoicing and Digital Signature for Resellers and Single Companies.

Electronic Invoices
with Substitute conservation
Safe Invoice B2B

Single Company

Offer -50% until 12/31/22, for the first year
from € 19.50 + /

Web control panel
Documents Digital signature
Communication with Online exchange system; (SDI)
Active and passive cycle management
Importing invoices from external systems
Substitute Digital Conservation (10 years)
App for mobile devices (Android, iOS)

Electronic Invoices
with Substitute conservation
Safe Invoice B2B

Multi Company

+ //10 Company

Web control panel
Documents Digital signature
Communication with Online exchange system; (SDI)
Active and passive cycle management
Importing invoices from external systems
Substitute Digital Conservation (10 years)
Distribuzione Dynamic distribution of resources among companies
API/Web-Service for integration cwith external applications
App for mobile devices (Android, iOS)

What is the Electronic Invoice?

The electronic invoice is an XML file that contains all (and only) the data of an invoice. The format of the xml file is a standard defined in the Revenue Agency's measure of 30/04/2018 and therefore suitable to be read and interpreted by software. In the form of an electronic invoice, therefore, the invoice loses its physical nature (paper), changing both the method of delivery to the customer and the method of storage (it is no longer necessary to store paper invoices).

How to view the electronic invoice
The electronic invoice was created to be interpreted exclusively by the software (program), so it is not suitable to be read like any other document. For this reason, Hosting Solutions has provided, at the following link, a simple free tool to view the invoice in xml format and make it easier to consult: Electronic Invoice - Viewing and Printing.
Thanks to this tool, in fact, the electronic invoice can be viewed as a normal document and, if necessary, can also be printed.

What is Substitute Storage?

Substitute storage or archiving is a process that takes care of preserving an electronic document according to the law and for 10 years; with the substitute storage, paper documents lose their legal value, which is acquired by the electronic document.

All electronic invoices (active and passive cycle), therefore, in order to be preserved in accordance with the law, must undergo the substitute storage process.

In addition to electronic invoices, it is also possible to archive tax documents and books of account in a substitute mode, such as, for example:

  • invoices for sales and purchase of materials
  • transport documents and delivery notes
  • models of tax returns and VAT
  • F24 payment models
  • VAT sales and purchase registers
  • the register of fees
  • the accounting ledgers

These paper tax documents, before being archived in a substitute mode, must undergo the dematerialisation process that converts paper documents into electronic documents: from a legal point of view, the latter will replace the paper original.

What we offer

Our services are designed to fulfil obligations and simplify all management activities and they provide:

Basic plan for single or multi-company

  • Web control panel for the complete management of the sending and archiving process.
  • Affixing Digital signature (by Genesys Informatica) on the uploaded documents to be sent to the SDI system.
  • Communication service with the Online exchange system (SDI – Sistema di Interscambio): sending invoices to the online exchange system and management of return messages.
  • Management of the active and passive invoicing cycle.
  • Import of invoices from all the management software and from the "tax drawer" (Cassetto Fiscale) of the Revenue Agency.
  • Complete management of the simplified invoice.
  • Substitute Storage of invoices and dematerialised documents in general for 10 years according to the law.
  • API/Web-Service: availability of software interfaces (API) for the integration of all the functions of our system with external and/or pre-existing applications (multi-company only).
  • App for mobile devices (Android, iOS): allows the vdisplay of all active and passive invoices and the receiving of notifications, outcomes and receipts. In addition, for those who have also purchased the invoice creation form, the app provides the simplified invoice creation form to fill in a simplified electronic invoice directly from the mobile device.
  • NEW For those who use management software that do not allow to call web services, (that is to interface directly via HTTP API with our electronic invoicing system), a specific software is available, compatible with most operating systems, to manage the 'communication' between the management system and our invoicing system. Once installed locally on your PC and configured, the software will retrieve the invoices from a predefined folder, send them to SDI via our invoicing system and return their outcomein special files. This software is
    granted in use to customers of our electronic invoicing system who request it.

Services for additional functionalities to the basic plan.

  • Additional service for the creation of electronic invoices: service for the manual creation of electronic invoices, 1 form per end user.
  • Additional service for the complete management of Orders from Public Administration.
  • Additional service for archiving and consultation of electronic DAS (Simplified Accompanying Document).
  • Additional service for Republic of San Marino operators.

Form for the creation of/making electronic invoices

The form for the creation of electronic invoices allows drawing up a new electronic invoice; pit also allows creating an address book of customers and a list of items, as well as consulting the list of invoices already issued.
For those who have purchased this form, there is also the app for the creation of the simplified invoice which allows you to fill in a simplified electronic invoice directly from the mobile device on which it is installed.

The electronic invoice creation form can be purchased as an additional service to the Safe Invoice B2B electronic invoicing service.

Form for the complete management of Public Administration Purchase Orders

In february 2020, the new method of managing Purchase Orders OdA (Ordini di Acquisto) from the Public Administration came into operation and must be carried out electronically through the NSO (Nodo Smistamento Ordini) system.
The Safe Invoice B2Bservices, through an additional form, allow you to completely manage the transmission and reception of purchase orders and responses. Specifically, our services allow you to:

  • manage a simple order
  • manage a complete order
  • create and manage a pre-agreed order

The additional NSO forms can be purchased as additional services to the electronic invoicing service from our control panel.

Electronic DAS archiving and consultation form

Since 1 october 2020 the Customs and Monopolies Agency (ADM – Agenzia delle Dogane e Monopoli) has included the obligation to transmit the electronic DAS (Simplified Accompanying Document)), also known as e-DAS, to track more efficiently the transport of excisable products such as fuels.
Hosting Solutions has therefore integrated in the electronic invoicing service Safe Invoice B2B, the function to link the management software, via webservice, to ADM's telematic services for electronic DAS. This function, which can be purchased as an additional service, will allow the consultation of all the DAS sent and the relative outcome as well as electronic storage of the receipts.

For Republic of San Marino operators

Additional service to enable a company to interface with the Hub-Sm of the Republic of San Marino.

Who is it addressed to?

Listed below are some examples of the people our offer is addressed to. We also provide an example of which plan is appropriate for the type of Client.

  • Resellers and software houses that already provide their customers with a system (ERP, management software, etc.) that produces electronic invoices. The Reseller, therefore, can integrate (via API/Web-Service) the basic Hosting Solutions service, thus completing the Customer's electronic invoicing process.
  • Accountant who manages electronic invoicing for several companies/professionals. By purchasing the Multi-Company service, the Accountant can immediately complete the e-invoicing process of his customers through a single web interface, or he can integrate (via API/Web-Service) in his system the functionalities of the basic service, automating and completing the e-invoicing process.
  • Single company/Single professional. The single company or professional can have the complete management system of the electronic invoicing process by purchasing a basic plan (Single Company) plus the additional form for the creation of electronic invoices.