SMS Services

SMS services

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Send SMS messages from your web pages and online applications

Our SMS service allows to send, receive and manage messages from any website, email program and software. By using our SMS Gateway, it is possible to send a large number of SMS messages all over the world at a very convenient price. Receiving services are also available.

NOTE For information on solutions larger than 10000 texts, please write to

PLEASE NOTE If you have already used the Hosting Solutions SMS service and you want to activate a new plan within the same account, you must indicate the user that you have already used for the SMS service in the “notes” field (when ordering from the control panel).

The unit price includes:

  • Web control panel
  • Fast and guaranteed sending (high quality SMS)
  • Immediate or deferred sending, single or multiple
  • Address book for unlimited groups and contacts
  • Delivery notification
  • Dynamic personalisation of the sender (umbers from 0 to 16 digits or text from 0 to 11 characters)
  • Number portability support
  • Possibility to create landing page
  • Availability of API REST for integration into applications and websites
  • Various sending modes from control panel

SMS receiving services include a web control panel which you can use to:

  • View and manage received messages,
  • Search by period or sender,
  • Receive an email notification when you receive an SMS message,
  • Export the replies received in excel.

In general, all our SMS sending services have a free way of receiving reply messages, which can be used by entering your own mobile number as sender. The free mode does not include a web control panel, so replies will be sent directly to your mobile device.

For details, please visit the SMS reception Modes page.