Antivirus-AntiSpam Services

Antivirus Antispam

Our solution against viruses and spam to protect your emails. Powered by Libraesva ESG.

Our antivirus-antispam solution relies on the power of Libraesva ESG, certified by Virus Bulletin as one of the best email security services. All our email services are fully integrated with the anti-spam antivirus system, ideal for those who want extra protection from annoying spam emails and the risk of virus and ransomware infection such as CryptoLocker.

The solution includes a double antivirus (ClamAV e Bitdefender) and is able to scan messages thoroughly in order to find other dangerous elements such as Phishing, Trojans, Malware, Ransomware like cryptolocker. In addition, the anti-spam filters, which can be set on our control panel, allow broad customization (spam score, whitelist and blacklist, reporting) for each domain and each email account.

Service features

AntiVirus AntiSpam

  • Antivirus: the service includes the BitDefender antivirus that can detect and block viruses (including ransomware such as Cryptolocker), known infected links and malware in email messages;
  • Antispam: the service includes an Antispam (Spam Catch Rate, certified by Virus Bulletin, higher than 99,9%) able to detect and block spam messages in the email, adapting to the preferences of the single user.
  • Web administration interface: the web interface uses a dashboard where all the main information is graphically collected and from which you can quickly access the product configuration tasks.