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Webmail: check your emails from the Web

Three Webmails to access your email accounts!

Hosting Solutions provides customers with several applications to access emails from the web: RoundCube Webmail, Horde, SquirrelMail.

The email access system using a browser (Explorer, Firefox, etc.), called WebMail, provides all the tools needed to exchange emails from any computer connected to the Internet, with no need for an email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird, clients that will still be able to access email accounts.

With a Webmail you can read, store and organise messages in folders on the server without downloading them to your computer. In this way, messages can be viewed from any computer that can connect to the server.

You can also save the names and addresses in an address book, which can be used directly when creating a new email message.

Finally, it is possible to automatically insert essential information such as a personal signature in the messages to be sent and to create multiple signatures to be used for different purposes.

Webmail allows you to send messages to multiple recipients, but bulk mailing is not permitted. Those who wish to send bulk mailings can purchase the following services: Dedicated SMTP and DEM Mail Server

Webmail functions

  • Access to POP3/IMAP4 accounts via browser
  • Email reading, sending, simple forwarding and forwarding as attachment
  • Attachment sending with extensive MIME support
  • Easy organisation of data in customizable folders and subfolders
  • Personal address book
  • Control panel for preferences

How to access Webmail

The Webmail service can be accessed online at or through a customized URL such as