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EasyStats statistics

Monitor your site activity in real time

EasyStats is a system for monitoring the activity of your site, integrated directly into the ServerMate control panel, supplied free of charge with all hosting plan.

In addition to the classic statistical functionalities, EasyStats enables you to manage the logging of your site independently. You will no longer have to waste time on phone calls or e-mails requesting support to activate the service: the control panel allows you to activate or deactivate logging in real time.

The statistics are based on the standard w3c logs, which can be checked via the ServerMate administration interface where it is possible to:

  • Activate the statistics system
  • Access pages with statistics
  • Access log files, to view or download them
  • Interrupt or delete statistics service

The innovative way of generating log files, outside user space, allows you to improve:

THE PERFORMANCE: the statistical data will be saved on a separate disk. The access time to the disk where your site is located will not be affected by the data logging, ensuring a faster navigation speed.

THE CONVENIENCE: moving the data to a separate disk will no longer occupy your web space.

EASE: The data is updated by integrating the values in real time when the program is opened*.

Service features

Activity summary

On the start page you will find summary data on the activity on an annual and monthly basis, grouped by visits, visitors, pages, access (hits) and traffic. Thanks to this interface you can update the data to the current time, and change the current display period.

Weekly and daily reports

EasyStats obviously includes all the main functions of classical web statistics programs, including weekly and daily reports, with absolute values and average percentage values grouped by number of visits, pages, access and bytes. These reports are useful to identify the most active groups and time slots of the site.

Length of visits

A very useful statistical index , the report on the length of visits provides information on the average time spent on the site and the number of users who find the contents of the site more or less interesting. By monitoring the average time spent visiting the site, it is possible to discover the satisfaction index of the site's contents.

Entry and exit pages, most viewed pages, paths

Many graphic and numerical reports are available, with information on the most visited pages, the addresses (URL) of entry and exit from the site. The paths report is very useful for optimising the architecture of the site and allows improving the visibility of the most popular products or services.

Origins, search engines

Another strength of EasyStats is the accurate analysis and reporting on the referrers. These reports provide data on the origin and identity of visitors, grouped by URL or domain of origin. The reports on search engines highlight the words and search keys used on each engine to find your site. It is useful to enhance and optimise search engine indexing.

Origins, search engines

In addition to the much information with marketing interest, EasyStats also provides important technical data, useful both to webmasters and system administrators who follow the site, including reports on:

  • Most read file types
  • Client operating systems
  • Browsers used to view the site
  • HTTP error-log reports
  • List of pages not found

Log files

Easystats under the section "Access to log files" allows you to view and download the log files of the site related to the last month. It is useful to view any intrusions on the site, number and IP of daily connections.

For your convenience and to allow access to the statistics without having to enter the hosting plan's control panel, access to the statistics is also possible from a dedicated URL, which you can enter among the "favourites" of your browser.