SMTP Services

Dedicated and Authenticated SMTP

25.00 + VAT/year
+ setup € + VAT/otp

Send e-mail messages from all your devices connected to the web

The service allows you to send email messages using an SMTP server dedicated to the domain indicated at the time of purchase. It is an ideal service for people who travel, people who need to send bulk emails (to mailing lists), such as newsletters and those who want avoid the typical problems of public SMTP, such as a blacklisted server.

IMPORTANT: For the dedicated SMTP unlimited messages, the associated domain must not be protected by Private Whois

Features of SMTP services

  • Dedicated SMTP: it allows you to send emails and data from any account associated with the domain for which the service has been purchased, within the limits of the package chosen
  • Open SMTP: it allows you to send emails from any account associated with any domain, within the limits of the package
  • The maximum size of an attachment is 50 MB
  • Sending to multiple recipients
  • Access via standard unencrypted port 25, port 465 with SSL and port 587 with TLS
  • Control panel for viewing statistics (daily counter of the number of emails/data sent)
  • To configure the SMTP server on your email client, see Guides to accessing email accounts

NOTE: How to calculate sending volumes

  • sending 1 email with n recipients counts n emails
  • sending of 1 email of m bytes with n recipients counts (m x n) bytes

Client Configuration

To configure authenticated access from your email client (e.g. MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express) please refer to our guides in the section Email > > Access to email accounts.


  • You can upgrade from a smaller package to a larger one using Easy Upgrade from our control panel, by paying the difference between the 2 packages until the expiry.
  • Messages can be sent from any email account of your domain.
  • The SMTP package for unlimited messages allows you to add the option Relay for additional domains, which enables you to send messages from email accounts that belong to other domains.