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Private Whois (com, net, org, info o biz)

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Because privacy counts!

This is an additional service. To order an additional service you need to log in to the Control Panel. Once connected, click on Ordina Servizi Add-On (Order add-on services) in the menu on the left.

ICANN regulations require the data of the holder of each domain to be included in a publicly accessible database: this means that personal data of the domain holder such as e-mail, address and telephone number will be publicly available for viewing. In order to protect this data from free consultation and also from those who would like to make improper use of it, in the case of .com /.net /.org /.info and .biz domains, is possible to activate the optional Private Whois, service, which allows this data to be hidden from public access: the personal data will, therefore, be transformed in such a way as not to allow use.

NOTE For .it domains the Private Whois option can be selected during the subscription of the service and has no additional cost. In this case, within the data shown by a whois command on the protected domain, only the name and surname of the domain name holder will remain readable and other personal data will not be displayed.

Without Private Whois

Organization Name: Tua Azienda Srl.

First Name: Mario
Last Name: Rossi

Address 1:
Via Roma 20, Milano
Address 2:
Secondary address

City: Milano
State: MI
Zip Code: 20100
Country: Italia
Phone: (02) 555-1234

With Private Whois

Organization Name: Whois Privacy Service

First Name: Whois
Last Name: Agent

Address 1:
PMB 368, 14150 NE 20th St - F1
Address 2:

City: Bellevue
State: WA
Zip Code: 98007
Country: United States
Phone: (425) 274-0657

To order the service you need to connect to the control panel, data you want to protect and order the Private Whois service from the additional services available.