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Additional FTP users, 10 accounts

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Add FTP users to your hosting plan!

This is an additional service. To order an additional service you need to log in to the Control Panel. Once connected, click on Ordina Servizi Add-On (Order add-on services) in the menu on the left.

Within your hosting plan you can activate additional FTP accounts, useful when several users need to independently update different parts of the same site, or when you want to grant personalized FTP access to a customer hosted in your space with a Host Pointer.

The space assigned to the new FTP user is dynamic within the limits of the total space provided by the main plan. The main FTP user will continue to have full control over the new FTP user's files.

It is not possible to define a space quota for a specific FTP user.

If the new FTP user transfers an amount of data to the server that exceeds the space limit, the main plan holder will receive an "over-quota" warning message. It will then be necessary to purchase additional space or upgrade the plan.

Information about your storage space is always visible in the control panel, with data provided in real time, for the entire account and for each folder.

The service is also suitable for preventing public access to reserved areas of your site, allowing only authorized users to view the pages.