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DEM Mail Server

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Your Direct Email Marketing campaigns with a DEM Mail Server: affordable and easy to use


Ideal service for those of you who wish to manage DEM campaigns (Direct Email Marketing). Hosting Solutions gives you a virtual server (VPS) optimised for bulk email sending (campaigns, newsletters) that can provide an immediate solution thanks to the practical web interface and specific pre-installed applications.The VPS server that hosts the service is provided in fully managed mode, which means that the system management of the server is totally handled by Hosting Solutions.

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Send from all your domains!

The DEM Mail Server service allows you to send email campaigns from all your domains provided that they are maintained by Hosting Solutions and that they do not have data protection in the Whois (Private Whois or similar).

Before you start a DEM campaign, check our on-line guides: Good rules for sending email to user lists, phpList - Starter guide or download the pdf guide phpList – Complete Guide.

Main advantages of the service

The DEM Mail Server service includes exclusive features: IP, virtual server, specific resources and the pre-installed phpList application, which is known to be very efficient for mass mail delivery. All these features make the resources dedicated to the DEM service completely available, without the need to configure the applications required to implement campaigns and with considerable ease of use, as in the phase of importing pre-existing email lists and in the possibility of filtering email addresses during sending, based on customized attributes (e.g. residence, gender, work activity, etc.). In addition, it also includes the registration or transfer of a domain (*).

Service features

Domain registration or transfer

  • DNS with geographic redundancy (4 DNS servers located in 3 geographical locations: Florence, Rome, Catania)
  • Control panel for complete and independent management of all DNS records
  • "under construction" courtesy page (here an example)

Homepage Editor

  • It can be activated free of charge from the control panel
  • It allows you to replace the "under construction" page with a web page that can be edited online
  • It includes HTML WYSIWYG editor, ideal for exploiting parked domains!
  • It does not include advertising or references to Hosting Solutions

Features of the VPS hosting the service

  • The DEM Mail Server service is hosted in a virtual server (VPS) fully managed by Hosting Solutions
  • Disk space: 10 GB, of which 3 GB for applications and 7 GB available
  • Dedicated IP

Features of the newsletters sending service

  • Dedicated SMTP with unlimited messages, both in number and size
  • The DEM Mail Server service provides an easy and intuitive web panel for sending your communications. Simple to use, you do not need a specific technical preparation to manage your Direct Email Marketing (DEM) campaigns.
  • Pre-installed phpList, configured and optimised on the chosen domain, to create your own DEM campaigns.
  • On-demand DKIM key setting for the server.
  • Automatic bounce management (messages that are not delivered).
  • Management of scheduled mailings.
  • Activation of statistics on open messages: to use them, you must open a ticket to customer support/b>.

In addition, the following optional additional services are available:

To order an additional service, it is necessary to log in to the Control Panel, then click on Ordina Servizi Add-On (Order add-on services) in the menu on the left.


  • The service fee includes the registration or transfer of a domain with one of the extensions listed in the Complete extensions list, identified by the green tick () in the “Included in hosting” column. For domains with different extensions, registration and management must be purchased separetely.
  • Root access to the server is reserved to Hosting Solutions’ technical team. The server will only host email applications. For further details, please read terms and conditions for the use of the email service.
  • For this service Hosting Solutions recommends to set SPF and DKIM records for email services to improve delivery rates and limit spam filtering, for which our technical support will offer appropriate assistance.
  • The minimum period of service activation is 3 months. On expiry, the Mail Server can be renewed for 1, 3, 6, 12 months.