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Host Pointer

The same hosting plan for multiple websites

Host Pointer, additional websites to divisible hosting plans

All our hosting plans (with the exception of the Smart Linux plan) are divisible, which means they can host multiple domains (websites). To add another website to your multi-domain plan, you need to purchase a specific additional service called Host Pointer.

How do I add a new website to the divisible hosting plan?

The Host Pointer service is available in three versions: Host Pointer Lite, Host Pointer and Host Pointer Plus. It activates a new hosting plan within your Multi-domain space. The difference between these three versions is the number of email accounts and services supported. The Plus version, for example, also allows you to activate third-level subdomains and statistics.

These are not redirect services or other ways of mapping pages under domain names, but real hosting plan included in your Multi-domain plan.

After payment of the additional Host Pointer service, activation will be automatic and you will receive a confirmation. Afterwards, it will be possible to transfer the files to the new folder of the additional website and also to add a dedicated FTP user to this folder/website, in order to allow FTP access to this space also to an end user, who will then be able to update the pages.

The WebMaster will be able to manage from a single web interface (ServerMate control panel) the various websites, email accounts, passwords, databases, the installation, disinstallation and recovery of FrontPage extensions, the protection of folders and the activation of read, write and execute rights on various folders or files.

Disk/Traffic quota

The additional Host Pointer services do not include web space or databases, so the web space and databases required for websites added with Host Pointer must be those included in the main hosting plan.

Should the space or traffic available on your multi-domain hosting plan be exceeded, the service will not be blocked, but you will receive an automatic email with an Over-Quota alert; in this case,  it will be possible to add additional space or traffic packages, or upgrade your main hosting plan.