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AntiVirus Filters

Protect your mailbox from receiving VIRUS

The mail services included in our hosting plans also include an antivirus service which can be applied to the boxes of your domain. From the control panel, through the AntiVirus function accessible from the settings of the mail service, the user can enable or disable the scanning of messages, choosing from various options for treatment once a virus is detected.

The following image shows the options of your AntiVirus program, which can be reached from the Control Panel.

Activating and setting the AntiVirus service status.

By default, the antivirus filtering service is disabled. By using this feature, the antivirus check will be activated globally for all the boxes of the domain. The antivirus will check all attachments, giving notification in the body of the message if the attachment contains a virus. Attachments containing viruses must not be opened, as the antivirus will report but will not remove any viruses.