Hosting Services

ServerMate Control panel

A single control panel for administrative and technical management

ServerMate is an exclusive control panel created by Hosting Solutions' team of developers.

With ServerMate you can manage all the services you have purchased. It implements administrative (purchases, renewals, upgrades), technical (DNS, FTP, web servers, databases, email accounts, cloud computing) and technical support functions (via ticket).

Main features of the ServerMate control panel

The following functions are available when accessing ServerMate with Master credentials:

Administrative functions
  • Customer personal data management
  • Management of new orders, renewals, service upgrades
  • Service communication area
  • Invoicing history of all services
  •  Control of expiry dates
  • Wide choice of payment methods
  • Top-ups and use of our PrePay credit system
  • Group management
  • Customization of Control Panel
Technical functions
  • Single and multiple (bulk) DNS management
  • Address book of domain registrants
  • Technical management for each feature of each service (e.g. FTP, web server, database, email accounts, cloud computing)
  • Technical support via ticket
  • Access to online guides

For information on login and access data recovery, please refer to the guide:

How to access the Hosting Solutions Control Panel (PdC) and how to retrieve login details.

Also, only for Reseller of Personalized Services, there is the important feature of creating customized services, which is essential for Resellers who need specific services for their business (e.g. Web Agency case).

For details and information on the features of the panel and its use, see the guide: ServerMate Control Panel.

Lastly, a video-guide about the main features of ServerMate is available on Hosting Solutions youtube channel.  (Control panel: Interface overview)