Hosting Services


Freely decide the size of your email accounts

Available on all our services that include email, the service allows you flexible management of the size of email accounts associated with a domain, offers the possibility of defining the space for each account.

Ideal for those who need to manage their mail domain dynamically, FlexMail allows you to use the available space at will, setting the desired space for each email account out of the total available space.

The space of the email accounts can be changed in real time from the ServerMate control panel. For example, if you purchase a service of 10 mailboxes of 2 GB each, you have a total space of 20 GB. This space can be redistributed in various ways thanks to FlexMail: 4 mailboxes of 5 GB, or 2 mailboxes of 5 GB, 1 mailbox of 4 GB and 3 mailboxes of 3 GB, for a total of 20 GB.

Features of our service:

  • IMAP4 support included
  • Message queue duration for 7 days, as per RFC standard
  • Optional PentaBox service available
  • "move SPAM" option included
  • Antivirus and Antispam can be activated and configured directly from the control panel
  • RBL (to reduce the number of SPAM messages)
  • Webmail for desktop and Webmail for mobile devices