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SMTP Solutions

Choose the right solution to send your emails

The SMTP solutions for sending email messages are:

SMTP for sending messages via email clients

Sending messages from Webmail

Sending emails via Webmail does not involve any configuration, as the SMTP server is already included and configured for sending.

Sending messages from email clients with authenticated SMTP from Hosting Solutions

Hosting Solutions includes a free SMTP per email account in each email service. If this SMTP server is not sufficient, it is possible to purchase specific Dedicated Authenticated SMTP services depending on the volume of messages sent.

SMTP for sending messages from web pages

It is possible to send messages from web pages hosted at Hosting Solutions in the following ways:

  • Send using the SMTP server included in the hosting plans and configurable from the control panel ('Configurazione Posta Hosting'-'Hosting Email Configuration' feature): from this SMTP server, however, it is not possible to send bulk mail;
  • Send using specific Dedicated Authenticated SMTP services also suitable for bulk mailing