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3rd level subdomains and Host Pointer Services

Compare features of third level subdomains and Host Pointer service

The third level subdomains, activated through the redirect to your subfolder, are not a real and indipendent website. So, this redirect-based service should not be confused with the third level Host Pointer, service, to which actually corresponds to an additional website within a divisible hosting plan.

The main differences between the two services are listed in the table below.

Function Third level Subdomain Host Pointer
'Record A' on the DNS server
Virtual host on web server
Navigation on addresses such as:
Navigation on subfolders such as:
FTP access YES, if the main plan provides for it
Redirect with URL Forwarding:
(by typing you
"jump" to any address)
YES, customizable from the control panel. Optional
Redirect with URL Masking
(by typing you
"incorporate" the pages available at any address)
YES, control panel function. Optional
E-mail boxes such as:
Optional, to be purchased separately