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AntiSpam Filters

Protect your inbox from junk mail

The e-mail included in the hosting services can benefit, if activated, from antispam filters with Bayersiano control. The activation of the antispam filters can be done from the ServerMate control panel, through a specific function that can be found in the e-mail settings of the hosting service in question.

Features and benefits

Filter level

When sorting e-mails, the server compares the content of each message with certain criteria, associating a score to the message.

The higher the score associated with the message, the more likely it is SPAM.

N In the SPAM service settings you can define the score beyond which the message must be considered SPAM: obviously, the lower this value is, the more restrictive and severe the filter is, so the greater the number of emails identified as SPAM will be.
If instead you leave a high filter level, you will receive more unwanted messages as “good” ones, but you will avoid receiving good messages marked as SPAM.

Whitelist and Blacklist

The service allows you to define a list of email addresses or domains of origin from which to always accept messages, without applying the spam filter: this list is called Whitelist.

On the other hand, if the list of email addresses or domains of origin defines the senders from which to always reject messages, then we are talking about Blacklist.

Edit the subject of the message

Choose this option if you want to mark suspicious spam messages by adding a text string at the beginning of the message subject line. The added text is customizable. By creating an inbox rule in your mail client (Outlook, Outlook Express, etc.) you can move messages directly into a special folder, greatly speeding up the time taken to consult your mail.

Convert SPAM to attachment

By default, any message intercepted beyond the filter level is converted into a new message, encapsulated in an attachment. This technique allows you to protect yourself against malicious scripts transmitted via e-mail which, encapsulated in the attachment, will no longer be launched during the opening of the e-mail. For additional security, you can choose to convert the message into a text-only format attachment.

If you don’t convert the message into an attachment, this will arrive without alterations, except for the subject, modified according to the criteria of the previous point.

Add always a report

When the attachment conversion option is not selected, messages marked as spam will include a report in the header, called X-Spam-Report. If you use the Always add report option, this will also be added to messages not marked as SPAM.

Short reports

If you enable this option, messages will include a shorter version of the spam report. This feature is particularly useful when you are not using the attachment conversion function..

Add headers

Enabling this option in the message header will add the X-Header of the antispam program with the spam status.

Leave spam on the server

The AntiSpam service settings allow you to choose the option to leave spam messages on the server. The AntiSpam filter, in addition to marking the messages, will automatically move them from the “inbox” folder to a special “spam” folder, to avoid having to download them on your computer. PTo allow manual control of any false positives, which is useful when setting the filter level, this folder will be accessible via the IMAP protocol or via WebMail. Messages moved into the spam folder will be automatically deleted from the server after 30 days, oppure, or if the mailbox storage reaches 80% of its expected size.