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Frontpage support

Windows 2012 R2 hosting plans with all FrontPage extensions

Hosting Solutions provides the right technological infrastructure to make the best use of FrontPage and its extensions.

Since the Windows 2008 R2 version, Microsoft has decided to discontinue the maintenance of the FrontPage web development environment and its extensions. This maintenance has been taken over by the US company Ready-to-Run Software, Inc. which will continue to support FrontPage and its extensions.

Given the large number of users of this environment, Hosting Solutions has decided to meet the needs of those who do not wish to change the development environment of their websites by creating special hosting plans that include FrontPage extensions.

FrontPage hosting plans are compatible only with the latest versions of Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft Expression Web and Microsoft Visual Studio.

Hosting Solutions offers three multi-domain hosting chosting plans with FrontPage and its extensions among their features: Silver Windows FrontPage, Gold Windows FrontPage and Platinum Windows FrontPage.

FrontPageĀ® features overview

FrontPageĀ® is an easy tool that allows you to create and manage high quality websites.

Advantages and features

FrontPage, the tool for creating and managing websites, offers users the possibility to control their sites by positioning each element in any point of the page, creating a professional and uniform site, importing and modifying HTML code according to their needs and using the most innovative Web technologies, without having to perform programming operations.

  • Tools for the creation of professional-looking websites
  • Advanced HTML code editing features
  • Simplified database integration
  • Support of progressive web technologies
  • Flexibility and programmability

Simplified update procedures

Quick and flexible management of your website or group Intranet

FrontPage not only assists users in the creation and management of Web pages, but also allows them to easily check the conditions of the site and make it easier to update it.

  • Reports and views for advanced site management
  • Flexibility of publication features
  • Flexibility of collaboration features
  • Automatic execution of the most common activities
  • Possibility to access the sites from any location

The appearance and operation of FrontPage are similar to those of Office, allowing users to become familiar with this application in a short time.

NOTE Since Hosting Solutions does not have the support activities of Ready-to-Run Software, Inc. available, Hosting Solutions guarantees the support of FrontPage and its extensions until 2017. Beyond this period Hosting Solutions reserves the decision whether or not to continue supporting FrontPage extensions.