Certified Email Services

1 certified account on your domain + secure archive

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1 email account on your certified domain + 1 GB for secure archive. The service includes:

  • certification of your domain and 1 GB certified email account on that domain, compliant with ministerial regulations on the transmission of electronic documents in order to be considered equivalent to notification by registered mail in the cases permitted by law.
  • 1 GB secure archive: allows you to save a copy of your messages in a specific archive, which can also be accessed from Webmail, so that all messages, including deleted ones, can be archived.

How to purchase the service

To purchase and activate a certified email account, enter the domain name to be certified in the box above: this domain must be owned by the customer, otherwise it will be necessary to purchase the domain first. Once you have entered the domain and clicked on the 'Order' button, the procedure will ask you for the name of the account to be purchased and the owner's details.

Service features

Features of the certified e-mail service

  • 1 account of 1 GB on your certified domain (such as name.surname@mydomain.it or name.company@pec.mydomain.it)
  • 1 GB secure archive
  • POP3/IMAP4 compatible
  • Dedicated SMTP
  • Maximum number of messages per day: unlimited
  • Secure access via SSL
  • Antivirus and antispam filers
  • Specific webmail for certified email accounts, compatible with mobile devices
  • Access from most common email clients
  • Notification of pec reception on ordinary email account
  • Maximum message size: 100 MB
  • Maximum number of recipients per email: 50
  • Option to enable or block messages from non-certified email accounts
  • Automatically copy/forward messages from another certified email account
  • Read invoices
  • Additional PEC account space (optional)

Features of the secure archive

It is an additional space to that of the PEC account, in which it is possible to securely and automatically archive not only certified email messages but also notices and receipts and, in general, all incoming traffic to the account (default setting).
The classification of archived messages is automatic and is done by grouping them by category:

  • Accettazioni (Acceptance Receipts)
  • Consegne (Delivery Receipts)
  • Poste Certificate (Certified emails)
  • Altro (Other)

General features of the PEC service

Who is the service for?

  • Professionals enrolled in registers and lists established by state law who have to manage communications with their Professional Associations, Chamber of Commerce and public institutions through certified email. This tool can also be used as an alternative to the old registered mail, optimising time and avoiding queues at counters.
  • Companies that are required to have a certified email address, which must be indicate when they apply for registration in the registry of businesses. Certified email can be used instead of paper mail for sending invoices and optimising formal communications with customers, partners and suppliers.
  • Public Administration bodies  that wish to send official communications to other PAs or to citizens, saving time and costs.
  • Private individuals who wish to save time and postage: certified emails is available 24 hours a day and can be used directly from home! 

The activation of certified email accounts is provided for professionals, companies and Public Administrations by Article 16 of Decree-Law No 185 of 29 November 2008, "Reduction of administrative costs for businesses".

How to transfer messages of a PEC mailbox

To transfer to Hosting Solutions the contents of a PEC mailbox that is active at another provider, preserving the legal value of the messages, it is necessary to follow a specific procedure that can be found in the guide How to transfer a PEC mailbox. During the transfer, it is essential that the box always remains active with the current provider, otherwise the legal value of the messages will be lost.

PEC Preservation service

For legally compliant preservation of messages of active PEC accounts with Hosting Solutions or external providers, see the page PEC Preservation.